County Commission Candidate Profile: Robin Colson

County Commission Candidate Profile: Robin Colson

In February 2020, Robin Colson filed to run for Leon County Commissioner At Large, Group 1. She is joined by Erik David, Melissa Villar, Jeff Hendry, Lisa Brown, Scott Flowers, Danielle Irwin, Kelly Otte, Carolyn Cummings, and John Moran. Incumbent Mary Ann Lindley is retiring.

Colson currently works as the Director of Organizational Learning and Innovation at Florida Virtual Campus. She has also worked for the University of West Florida Innovation Institute, the Florida State University Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Services, and Big Bend Hospice. She received her bachelor’s degree in Health and Safety Education from Indiana University and her Ph.D. in Instructional Systems from Florida State University. Main goals of Colson’s campaign include creating jobs and providing affordable housing in urban and rural areas.


What motivated you to run for local office?

“My greatest motivation is to improve the lives and livelihoods of the many people in Leon County who barely earn a living wage and do not have good benefits like health insurance, sick leave, and retirement. A second motivation is affordable housing and planned growth that promotes equitable infrastructure development, urban infill, and restoration rather than new development and urban sprawl.”

What unique perspective would you bring to the position?

“Because I have lived here in so many phases of my life, as a student, a young professional, a parent, and now a seasoned professional and the adult daughter of an elderly mother, I have had many varied experiences. I have lived in the northeast and in the south; my children have attended private school and public school in the wealthiest and least wealthy school districts; I have worked in the private sector and the public sector; I have earned less than $30,000 per year and more than $100,000; and while I am fortunate that my family has enjoyed good health, I am now facing the care needs of a 91-year-old mother on a fixed income. The result is that I have first-hand knowledge of the many strengths and positive features of Leon County, as well as some of its greatest challenges.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Leon County?

“Leon County can be a great place to live; we have a strong commitment to public service, an appreciation for education, and great pride in the beauty and natural resources of Leon County. We also have work to do to reduce the disparities among us by:
· Bringing good jobs that pay a living wage and benefits to Leon County.
· Building or restoring quality homes that cost less than $100,000.
· Ensuring equitable development of infrastructure.
· Preserving our natural resources through growth management.”

What is your plan to address these challenges?

“2020/21 is a great opportunity for the next County Commission because a new Strategic Plan will be developed. As part of that process, my first step will be to educate myself in-depth about the factors that contribute to the issues and the obstacles that block us by meeting with representatives of relevant industries and associations. I will also meet with constituents to learn about their issues and priorities. Once issues and priorities are defined, the real work of collaboration and planning begins. The most difficult aspect of the entire assessment and planning process is making sure all the right voices come to the table AND have the opportunity to be heard. One of my goals will be to bring many of the typically underrepresented voices in Leon County to the process.”

Responsibilities of the County Commissioner position include making policies and setting budgets. The position has a four-year term length and an annual salary of $80,289.00. The election date is August 18.



6 Responses to "County Commission Candidate Profile: Robin Colson"

  1. Another candidate that appears to be well-versed and educated. Some of these candidates seem quite suitable for the honor and importance of School Board positions, given their background, issue emphasis, and intimated passions… but I digress. I concur with Rick that Ms. Colson’s statements are impressive, but some of the buzz words she uses give me great concern.

    And again, more veiled accusations of broad systemic inequities, without presenting any factual basis for said. As an NPA super voter, I’m not at all looking for those who assign fault for perceived notions.. I’m seeking those who can present workable solutions to real challenges.

    Best of luck to all candidates, and thank you for the courage to step up and seek the honor of service.

  2. Agree Flowers BEST candidate! Colson second runner up. She brings a different perspective and it’s refreshing! Good luck to both candidates! All others are weak candidates and gorilla glued to CSC. Vote NO for CSC!!!

  3. I’m very impressed with Colson’s statements. She has a big picture view, shows understanding of how to steer the county forward, and has excellent community experience. In other words, she has no chance.

    Flowers I see as a status quo guy in changing times.

    1. Have you researched the CSC plan the Commissioners want to pass. Please do so before you say that Colson shows understanding of how to steer the county forward since she is FOR the CSC.

  4. What is in the water here SMH. Look at the amount as well as the quality of these candidates. Agree that Flowers is the best.

  5. Candidate Lisa Brown did not qualify.

    All the candidates in this race are for the Children’s Services Council(CSC) except for candidate Scott Flowers.

    Any candidate for the CSC voters should automatically disqualify. Being for something that citizens will be taxed for that cannot produce a business plan is irresponsible.

    In addition to Flowers taking the right tack on the CSC, by not supporting it, Scott Flowers is a solid business owner and entrepreneur with the education and experience to serve citizens well.

    Scott Flowers for Leon County Commission at Large!

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