Leon County Has Lowest COVID Fatality Rate in Florida

Leon County Has Lowest COVID Fatality Rate in Florida

The latest COVID fatality data shows that Leon County – with 8.9 deaths per 100,000 residents – has the lowest COVID fatality rate among Florida’s 67 counties.

Florida’s overall COVID fatality rate is 40.8 deaths per 100,000 residents.

The data is as August 11, 2020.

The table below shows the COVID fatality rate by county for the four the counties that are defined as the Tallahassee Metropolitan Statistical Area.

With 21 deaths, Gadsden County’s death rate is ranked the highest among the four county MSA and is 17th among the 67 counties in Florida with a rate of 46.0 fatalities per 100,000 residents.

Source: https://www.us-covid-tracker.com/?state=Florida&per100k=1&field=deaths&time=all

10 Responses to "Leon County Has Lowest COVID Fatality Rate in Florida"

  1. True, but…. Look at the data and see that Leon’s death rate rose *after* the ordinance was passed.

    And query me this: if masks work, then explain Gadsden, right next door, with a mask ordinance, too.

    I’m actually a bit surprised Tallahassee Reports would run a piece like this without context or reference. The scientific truth is no study actually shows masks are effective. Lots of opinion and conjecture, but the idea that masks either “protect” when distancing is not possible, or provide “additional” protection, just plain has not been demonstrated — well, OK, there was a golden hamster study, which should be enough for the mask nazis to continue to goosestep. And one using mannequins with “simulated” coughing. But a study that says all those asymptomatic carriers — the modern day reds under the beds — are going to kill us unless we and they wear masks — that study does not exist, likely because asymptomatic carriers are not transmitters.

    My theory is Leon’s relatively low rate is just plain dumb luck, which hopefully won’t run out before the virus runs its course. Of course, another explanation is that so many people have left this nasty safety nazi infested burg that the percentages don’t reflect the recent precipitous decline in population. Hmmmm.

  2. Lena is right. No matter what you believe about Covid stats, they are what are and the majority of people take the numbers seriously If we are to get the economy back up and running, it’s all about whether people feel CONFIDENT enough to do so. Majority of people support wearing masks and when they don’t more and more people NOT wearing masks out in public and at businesses, confidence levels continue to DROP along with the economy. Fighting against the mask mandate in counter productive.

  3. If you don’t want to wear a mask and take reasonable care, the virus will continue to spread.

    It’s not enough that businesses will open. It’s that people have the confidence to return. And they don’t when there is mass illness.

    If you refuse to stop the virus, YOU are the ones hurting your own economy.

    Seriously. How is this not obvious to everyone?

  4. Forget a mask mandate. Give the Businesses the choice to decide if THEY want to make their Customers wear them in their Building or not. If a Business say YES, you MUST wear a Mask to come inside, the LEO’s should back them up. Nobodies rights are being taken, if the customer doesn’t want to put on a Mask, that customer can go else where, very simple. I gladly put one on to shop at Publix, I then take it off outside when no one is close by, and no, I am not a SHEEP, it’s MY choice.

  5. Repeal the mandate. Let businesses get back to normal. There is no fine or penalty anyway. Just dirty looks. We are wasting time, money, and resources. Repeal the mask mandate.

  6. County Kommissars: We don’t care one wit about data, facts and deaths! We only care about cases and feelings!! Mask up plebs! Now! Or else! Don’t you know you will murder other people if you don’t mask up!! Oh, wait, Leon County has the lowest COVID fatality rate among Florida’s 67 counties?

    Okay, never mind, you won’t murder others by not wearing a mask and exercising common sense but you are showing others you are selfish and don’t care about other folks’ feels!! So mask up, NOW!!

  7. Correction: Gadsden County’s ranking for death rate is 17th in the State but 1st among the four counties making up the Tallahassee Metropolitan Area. |A writer needs to think about what the facts are before moving electrons around with a keyboard; or alternatively bang it out on the keyboard and then give some thought to what you have written.

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