President Thrasher Discusses FSU Reopening Plan, Childers Construction

President Thrasher Discusses FSU Reopening Plan, Childers Construction

Florida State University President John Thrasher discussed FSU’s reopening plan, fall athletics, Childers Construction, and more on the Morning Show with Preston Scott last Wednesday.

At the beginning of the show, Scott asked Thrasher how the fall semester will unfold with COVID-19 precautions in place. Currently, FSU plans to have a mix of face-to-face and remote classes until after Thanksgiving, when all classes will shift to remote learning.

“We are probably right now looking at maybe 30, 35 percent face-to-face classes,” Thrasher said. “Some of them are obviously directed more at freshmen, others maybe at some other specific types of courses, labs, things like that.”

Thrasher also commented on what the 2020 football season will look like. He said the university has set up health and safety protocols, and fans will be able to be in the stands at limited capacity.

“We’re looking at different scenarios, probably in the 25 to 30 percent range,” he said. “I was talking to the governor yesterday about it. He thinks we ought to be very ambitious about it because we’re outside, we will make sure certain precautions are adhered to, but I think in that range.”

Scott also asked Thrasher to clarify the university’s decision to cut ties with Childers Construction after a photo surfaced of Sam Childers dressed in a Bob Marley costume at a Halloween party in 2015. Thrasher said the decision may be revisited.

“We always look back at what we’ve done and analyze it, and I’m always trying to encourage our staff and myself to do that,” he said. “In this case, we’re going to do that…I think we’ll get something resolved and see if we can work out something that everybody understands and can go forward.”

He noted that Childers Construction currently has other contracts with FSU. He said Childers Construction will continue to finish projects for two $20 million contracts as well as about $10 million in smaller projects.

“They’ve got about $50 million worth of contracts out there,” he said. “Hopefully we can come to some better understanding of all of this before those contracts expire.”

The rest of the interview is available here.

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  1. Very very well said. No truer words were written. When will these higher ups learn that the “Average Joe”have outside and inside sources to what is really going on. And just like back in the day with the pay out to Jeff Bowden, $500k I think, the boosters and alumni started to withdraw their money. One of my former clients and his family life long
    alumni and boosters pulled their $500k to this cause.
    Do not be so arrogant and blind Mr.T to not think it will not happen again. Many of my friends including myself are holding on to our checks and support to see what the real outcome will be!

  2. Thrasher offered no more than lip service in an attempt to stop the fallout from boosters and alumni. Nor did he answer Preston’s question if this type of scrutiny is going to be applied to all students, faculty and staff at FSU.
    There has not been a meeting or revisiting of the decision as of today. Yes, Kyle Clark is part of the problem!

  3. Thrasher is “revisiting” the Childers situation because of all the calls ( confirmed by the person answering these calls) the university has received about withdrawing support where he needs it the most “The $$$$” . Do not be fooled by his change of heart. And if he starts the political painted causes on campus or worse the FSU football field the money will dry up completely.
    Time will tell, he is gone next November, I hope the University does a better search for a new President.
    I would suggest Preston Scott but he is having too much fun on the radio and we need him more there!

  4. Thrasher has always been a reasonable guy and I am encouraged to see he plans on revisiting the Childers Construction decision. Punishment doesn’t fit the crime. St John’s Episcopal Church said it best when they said the Church speaks of people asking for forgiveness. We all should be big enough to listen when someone asks for forgiveness. Maybe it is time for Kyle Clark to be revisited too?

  5. Asha, athletics are an extracirrucliar activity and those students on scholarship are well taken care of at a level vastly greater than those on an academic scholarship!

  6. Trasher has already been sucked into the cancel culture. Actually his true colors are finally seeing the light of day. I graduated in 89 and had to fight a number of liberal profs who wanted to reduce my grade and deny my free speech because I refused to take up their mantle. One prof even wrote on a term paper if I would change my views and my paper she would increase my grade. I told her my values were not for sale at any price. FSU is not an institution of higher learning. FSU is an institution of mind manipulation.

  7. Cancel the season and the scholarships. Ungrateful and woke sorry players want a union. This is all orchestrated from California and the PAC 12. Norvell is getting back shot by players who are awful and unproven. Liberal professors who benefit from football revenue are actively trying to kill the season. Allow athletes in sports their scholarships and let them play, but no kneeling and other jack assery.

    1. When they first brought up wanting to be paid and then started talking Union, I stopped caring about College and Pro Ball. The NFL demanded Retirement Plans.. They get Multi Million Dollar Signing Bonuses and they can’t save for Retirement? 90% of College Players get a FREE Education and a lot of perks and still complain? It could end tomorrow and I sure wouldn’t miss it.

  8. I don’t think dressing up like Bob Marley was an insult I believe it was a compliment. I have always looked up to Thrasher, but in this case he is wrong and he owes Mr Childers an apology + 2 not cancel any contracts from Childers.

    Hopefully Thrasher will not get sucked into the cancel culture mentality and address each situation on its own merits and not mob mentality.

  9. SO, will you allow the Players to Kneel during the National Anthem? Will we be seeing BLM on the Field, or on the Players & Staff?

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