Unofficial Results: Cummings, Otte in Leon County Commission Run-Off

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  1. Hope ! It’s all good! I believe we both want the same thing; effective and efficient governments with ethical and financially prudent leadership. We just might differ sometimes on who we want to support in election to accomplish those goals.

  2. I suspect that Scott Flowers and Jeff Hendry split some votes. Th CSC stance came into play as well as suspicions of the same ol’ same ol’

  3. I am happy that at least some that I voted for WON and some get to move on to the General. I am also sad that some of the ones I voted for didn’t make it.

    It’s a shame that they don’t let us vote for the President during the Primaries just to whittle down the list. There must be about 25 people on the list that I saw.

    That guy running for D3 with all the Names, didn’t have a snowballs chance. He spent 98% of his time waving a Trump Flag while wearing that stupid foam hat, bashing Marva & bullying any and every one who disagreed with any thing he said and he actually states that he is against Bullying. I am SO glad he got his ass handed to him last night.

  4. 50% of the vote is up for grabs. Has Cummings reached her apex and left the door open for Otte or do they proportionally divide the run-off voters looking for a new candidate?

  5. Hope – I apologize; I should have been more clear with my opinion – You were hopeful for an election outcome in the County Commissioner race a majority of voters chose not to accept. Therefore, you endorsed a campaign that proved it was not possible to win; a hopeless situation.

    Looking for missing faces of former candidates at next City and County Commissioner meetings…

  6. Next time if a conservative wants to get elected and make a positive change in our communitty she or he will run as a Democrat. Why haven’t you dummies figured this out yet?

    1. A daunting task to say the least. The ratio of registered voters in Leon is nearly 2-1 in favor of Democrats, with a sizable chunk of I’s and NPA’s. Hope is correct. If the Republican Party wants to gain ground in Leon/Tallahassee, it will need a concerted effort and heavy investment in operations… but it is doable to be sure.

      1. As you say, lots of NPAs, and probably many of them like me that were fed up with the GOP not having any principles. If they want my vote then they can stop acting like libs. Until then, no one gets it.

        1. Yes, it is frustrating that we have so many illiberal leftists who propose doing bad things on principle & doggedly enact them, and so many RINOs, neo-cons, never-Trumpers, & back-stabbers running as “Republicans” & Libertarians…and then they wimp out &/or surrender or conspire with the Reds/collectivists to enact bad measures.

          Al Lawson clued me inon the feud between the slipnfall lawyers & the doctors many moons ago (fortunately, in his one good act, Bobo Martinez vetoed the subsequent legislation, rammed through one late Thursday night), so I was willing to give him a chance… but now he has thoroughly blown it.

    1. John,

      I believe you are wrong and you owe me an apology. Contrary to your rude comment my choices were HOPEFUL.

      If you’re going to make rude comments at least research your material and make sure they are correct… in your case you are incorrect.

      I forgive you.


      VOTE August 18th FOR:

      Tommy Mills for Sheriff
      Bill Schack City Commission Jack Porter City Commission
      Scott Flowers County Commission
      Dee Dee Rasmussen School Board
      Marva Preston US Senate
      Angela Dempsey Judge
      Al Lawson US Congress

  7. The challenges – and in some cases the intended results – of a crowded field.

    I knew this would be one of the most interesting races.

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