Unofficial Results: Jack Porter Wins, Curtis Richardson Headed to Run-Off

Unofficial Results: Jack Porter Wins, Curtis Richardson Headed to Run-Off

Unofficial results indicate challenger Jack Porter has defeated incumbent Elaine Bryant with 50.65% of the vote in the race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 1. Porter avoided a run-off by approximately 200 votes.

In the race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 2, incumbent Curtis Richardson received 48.27% of vote and will face Bill Schack in November . Schack finished second with19.41%.

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    1. I am running for County Commissioner for District 5 in 2022 and I will NOT be doing the Mail Outs, Texts or Phone Calls. I will be doing the Signs and maybe FaceBook & TR Ads. I ran in 2016 for At Large Group 1 and I checked on my Signs every weekend, cleaned around them and replaced the ones that were stolen and the very next day after the election, I went and gathered them all back up. I still have them too. Mine were placed past the Mow Lines, unlike most of the ones I have seen. Running for District 5 I won’t need nearly as many Signs.

  1. It’s important to recognize that the result was 49% of a 36% turnout. That leaves an awful lot of votes on the table.

  2. I appreciate the confidence and advice about our Campaign. It will not be slick, but it will be passionate. Removing the last piece of the corruption puzzle will be difficult, however, it can be done. I will need support to compete with the almost $50,000 Richardson did not spend. Please consider visiting my website to help out with a much needed contribution, and send me a message if you can help me spread the word as a volunteer or advocate. This election is about restoring integrity, and honesty to City Hall. So many voters said they were fed up with nothing being accomplished to improve neighborhoods and lives in our community. Yet, 49% voted to keep the incumbent.
    Uphill battle indeed, especially for this candidate, in this City. However, the comparison of my hands on common sense leadership with a servants heart, and this Commissioner’s go along to get along, rubber stamp, style of leadership can be defeated. Please consider getting on Board our Campaign right away. My website has my contact information, so feel free to contact me with question, concerns, or advice.

  3. Bill will NOW need to decide if he truly wants to be a City Commissioner. During these next 3 Months he needs to put everything on hold, yes, including the Kerney Center and focus on his Campaign and beating Richardson. He needs to hold actual Town Hall Meetings and even do Pod Casts on line but In Person will do a LOT for his Campaign. He can talk about what Richardson has done, or the lack there of, with out slinging mud as long as he is factual about it. If he doesn’t campaign hard now, he will surely NOT win and it will show that it is not in him to win it.

  4. Jack ran on nothing. I voted against her based on her vague opposition to “gentrification”. Gentrification is the opposite of white flight and is good for cities, both in terms of retaining a tax base and having livable, walkable densely populated commercial areas. Tallahassee needs gentrification or otherwise we’ll keep sprawling up to Georgia and our downtown will remain dead as a doorknob.

    1. I don’t agree. Many of us don’t want more hotels, condos and landscaped parks. We certainly dont want densly populated areas and all the crime that comes with it. We want nature and space and quiet.

    1. Porter is not a moderate, will do nothing ‘moderate’, and she will be very difficult to remove. Of the three candidates…no difference in philosophies…only appearance. Porter’s campaign pictures were designed to portray her as a ‘fresh face’ and that is why she was elected.

  5. I want someone to say how they intend to do what it was that they said they were doing to do in their ‘campaign speak’. I would also like TR to do an information request and analysis on the city of Tallahassee’s debt payments. My sense is that they are bonded into the future as far as the eye can see. The only reason COT bond rating is high is 3 levels of government, 2 universities, and a community college that they use as a backstop.

  6. With 35% turnout, Richardson and Porter got 20% of registered voters. All a legitimate candidate would need to get rid of Curtis is to convince a small number of people just to show up.

  7. Richardson is the last of the gang that ran the city into the gutter along with Maddox. He claimed to be unaware of the illegal, unethical activities that were going on then. If that’s true, he is stupid. If it’s not true, he’s lying. Either way, he needs to be kicked to the curb. Schack is an honorable man who should be given a chance to exhibit honesty and integrity in public service. God knows, we need it.

  8. I’m disappointed that incumbent Bryant did not retain her seat. She was amazing and cared about the ENTIRE community! I hope Porter can keep up since she will have some large shoes to fill.

    1. Would you please fill us in on what Bryant accomplished during her tenure?

      From where I stand Bryant, Richardson, and Williams Cox almost single-handedly turned our community into a Portland and Seattle with their decision to misuse tax dollars to paint controversial political messages on public roadways.

    1. I don’t fully align with some of her positions. Then again, I don’t expect to agree with every position that everyone takes… but I am pretty sure Porter knows what a garbage disposal is.

      … food for thought is all

      1. Spoken with ignorance. The majority of dwellings in NYC do not have garbage disposal. I grew up there and did not see one until I moved to Florida. I’m an IT engineer and manager, have a graduate degree, am a former Army officer. Yet, until the age of 23, I had no idea what a garbage disposal looked like, when my first Tallahassee apartment had one. If I had grown up in just about any other locality, it would have differed. We can disagree on politics, but don’t nitpick the details you don’t understand. It’s the same as assuming all southerns are slow minded, because of the painfully slow speech, speed of everything, and ancillary details to stories that have no relevance. And no, I’m not a millennial.

        1. AOC didn’t grow up in NYC. She grew up in the suburbs of Westchester County, as did I. We had a garbage disposal in a house that my parent built in 1956. So don’t make assumptions that you can’t back up.

        2. You seem to be quite angry and bitter – and dare I suggest a tad unhinged – for such a self-professed “worldly” and “educated” person. Thanks for your service, but do a shot and take nap, perhaps you’ll feel better.

        3. One thing you CAN assume about Southerns (and be right) is that, they can kick your ass (any ones) with OUT spilling a drop of their Beer. Not pointed at you, just food for thought before you pissoff a Southern.

          1. But what if it’s a Southerner that pissesoff another Southerner? Who wins?… the one that drinks PBR, of the one that shoots whiskey… for breakfast. 😉

  9. Bryant has good cause to be disappointed, but no cause to be ashamed. She offered to serve, was asked to serve, and stepped up to serve her community. She should hold her head high and be thankful for the opportunity and honor to do so.

    Porter must understand that she was “elected” by our community and entrusted to serve “our” community; our entire community. This was not a mandate of a political ideology, rather a rebuke of the insider operations. A result that is certain to cause considerable angst among the insider establishment, particularly at the Administration level. They are likely to try to set her up for a stumble early, so she must be careful. She should expect visits from some self-proclaimed power breakers and community gatekeepers that will offer congratulations while slipping in some veiled threats.

    Porter would be wise to select (on her own, no recommendations from insiders) an astute assistant with good political instincts, an ombudsman’s eye, and a strong BS detector. She needs someone to have her back while she settles in and gains her footing.

    Congratulations Ms. Porter for a race well run, and a win well deserved. Stay to your convictions to keep you ears, mind, and heat open to ALL ideas and opinions. Remember; you serve ALL of us.

    1. I disagree with you on some of your views regarding Elaine Bryant. She was nominated by Denise Williams Cox and apparently Curtis Richardson had a questionable link to the her as there was a text message between Bryant and Richardson which they refused to divulge. Curtis and Dianne were only thinking of themselves, their culture, and their political party and not all the citizens they took an oath to serve.

      Their little coup d’etat regarding the painting political messages on the street incited violence and all three of them should be ashamed. She was bounced out by voters for her black lives matter protest that was controversial and incited violence in our community. Again, she should be ashamed.

      In a candidate forum she would not take accountability for this decision and she refused to answer a question about her decision.

      I’m still waiting for Curtis to divulge the content of the text message between Bryant and himself. Inappropriate on so many levels

      Fortunately citizens in this community think all lives matter and they are in support of our law enforcement even though Bryant, Cox, and Richardson are not.

  10. I believe the majority of the voters and now the majority of the city commission board wants to see Curtis go.

    Bill Schack ran a flawless campaign and campaigned on his own merits without slinging mud at his opponent.

    I believe the community wants to see a change and will support Bill to make this happen.

    Congratulations Mr. Schack!

  11. Wow!!! This just speaks to how truly uninformed the general public is or how few people vote. It just cannot be that the majority of Tallahassee wants an AOC on our city commission.

  12. Schack needs to recognize that the majority voted “against” the incumbent, and get busy coalescing the others. It’s a whole new race now, and that often requires a different strategy for success.

  13. The brutal reality is this is a 70-80% pro-Marxist socialist Capitol District. All the City and County Kommisars are despicable. With Jack Porter and her support from Bernie Bro Matlow and her support of Kristen Dozier my spidey sense is off the charts. She ran a slick campaign with heavy hitting support. Any bets this millennial will push to de-fund the police and replace them with social workers? Any bets the Burn Loot and Marxist, Inc. slogan on the street will remain? Don’t get me wrong, the other candidates in that race were just as despicable. Buckle up kids.

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