Leon County COVID Positivity Rate Drops Below 5%

Leon County COVID Positivity Rate Drops Below 5%

The Leon County 7-day average COVID positivity rate fell below 5 percent based on numbers reported on Saturday. The rate fell further after Sunday’s numbers.

The chart below shows the daily positivity rate and the 7-day average since July 5.

Over the last two days, results for over 6,000 tests have yielded a positivity rate below 3%. This has driven the seven-day average down to 4.43%.

Part of tests during this period included over 3,000 FSU students and faculty. According to reports, over the last seven days there have been 9,917 tests with 439 positive cases in Leon county.

The chart below shows that the 7-day average has been trending down since July 7th when the 7-day average positivity rate was 9.55%.

The positivity rate is one of the metrics that policymakers use to assess the spread of COVID. In the middle of July, when the rate was over 8%, Leon County school officials cited the positivity rate after voting to delay the beginning of school from August 10 to August 19.

The beginning of school has since been moved to Augusts 31.

11 Responses to "Leon County COVID Positivity Rate Drops Below 5%"

  1. BillyNC, the 4.4% rate is found by a seven day aggregate of positives/tests, which you might have read in the article to be 439/9917. You cannot average percentages unless you have the same sample size every day.

  2. I was never very good at math. Can somebody explain this to me:
    1 8/22 2.5%
    2 8/21 2 %
    3 8/20 6 %
    4 8/19 6 %
    5 8/18 9.5 %
    6 8/17 9.9%
    7 8/16 9.25%

    Please correct my figuring. Thanks

  3. What EXACTLY were the criteria that necessitated our local mask mandate? Surely there are specific criteria–something that can be measured, something that can be pointed to (positivity rate, death rate, etc.). After all, science is observation, right? What are these people observing? Because, from where I stand, it looks like nothing more than the whim of a capricious county commission.

  4. Hooray! Looks like anti-social distancing and face muzzles are working! It clearly has nothing to do with virology 101 and the normal cycle of viruses over the eons of time. Now we can keep the face muzzle order by our County Kommissars in place forever! Oh wait, Hawaii had face muzzle mandates from early on as well as Los Angeles. Both reinstated lock downs with another outbreak. Hmm, that sneaky Covid sure is smart. It must have found a way around those face muzzles. Funny how those things cannot stop anything as small as a virus. Maybe it’s because the primary vector of transmission is fecal/oral and not aerial transmission. Hence the high infection rates in high density areas, hospitals and nursing homes. But that would destroy the scamdemic narrative wouldn’t it? Wash your filthy hands after using the bathroom you filthy Americans and continue to muzzle up in the Capitol District! Listen to your modern day real slave masters!

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