Leon County COVID Positivity Continues to Fall, Now Below 4%

Leon County COVID Positivity Continues to Fall, Now Below 4%

The 7-day average COVID positivity rate continues to fall in Leon County. The latest testing numbers show that over the last seven days there were 10,511 tests with 412 positive results which equals a 3.92% positivity rate.

The 7-day average positivity rate has been below 5% for four days.

The chart below shows the daily positivity rate in Leon County and a 7-day average trend line.

The downward trend comes amid a debate about opening k-12 schools in Florida and Leon County. Circuit Judge Charles Dodson cited the 5% positive threshold in the recent order which ruled the reopening directive by Governor Ron DeSantis was unconstitutional.

Plaintiffs presented evidence that the most widely prevailing standard for determining when the virus is under control and it is safe to reopen schools is a 5% positivity rate in the affected area, in this case the local school district. The evidence showed that the World Health Organization and the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics use this standard in their guidelines and advisory opinions. Defendants did not present an alternative safety standard.


In response to the ruling and ahead of a Leon County School Board meeting on Tuesday afternoon, Superintendent Rocky Hanna stated that “our district will continue to prepare this week for the reopening of our schools next Monday, Aug. 31, with roughly 15,000 students returning to our campuses in-person and 15,000 students beginning school online.”

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