Commissioner Dozier Discusses Virtual Meetings, Mask Mandate

Commissioner Dozier Discusses Virtual Meetings, Mask Mandate

Leon County Commissioner Kristin Dozier appeared on The Greg Tish Show on RealTalk 93.3 and addressed a number of local issues.

Tish asked Dozier about the status of public participation in Leon County Commission meetings.

Dozier said that there will be a process in place for citizens to call in and comment in real-time during the next Leon County Commission meeting, which is a budget meeting scheduled for September 15, 2020 at 3 p.m. The meeting will be virtual.

Dozier said there will be a discussion about using the call in process for public comment for future virtual meetings.

With regards to in-person meetings, Dozier said that the Governor’s order on conducting virtual meetings expires at the end of September and that “we are going to have to see what happens.”

Mask Mandate

When Tish asked how long the COVID positivity rate had to be under 5% before the Leon County would consider repealing the mask mandate, Dozier said ” I am not going to give a number…we are focused exclusively on public health guidance.”

Dozier went on to say that officials with the CDC and the Florida Department of Health have not issued specific parameters related to mask mandates.

Dozier said that we are hearing from public health officials that the mask mandate has helped our numbers and it needs to stay in place longer. She said we are on the cusp of students returning to FSU and the opening of K-12 schools and we need to see how these events impact our numbers.

She stated, “I do not think it is time to talk about repealing the mask mandate.”

Dozier did say that some of the criticism of the open ended nature of the mandate is warranted.

When asked about the impact of the mandate on local businesses, Dozier said that a local restaurant owner told her that business has stabilized, but has not yet returned to pre-COVID levels.

Dozier said that she believed that the mask mandate has made people more comfortable in moving about the community and taking care of business.

13 Responses to "Commissioner Dozier Discusses Virtual Meetings, Mask Mandate"

  1. THANK YOU Commissioner Dozier for putting the health of the people first! Masks are the biggest protection against this virus. I have no idea where all these other brainless commenters get their information. That someone who calls face masks “muzzles” should be permanently MUZZLED! “Laura” should get a job in the healthcare industry.

  2. Tyrants in control proving they’re in charge. Power freaks feel good about themselves when exercising power even if irrational.

  3. Wearing a mask to protect against a viral infection, is like wearing a t-shirt to protect against a bullet wound. Wear them if it choose to or if it makes you feel better… but don’t expect miracles and stop pretending it matters.

  4. Gotta love my Kounty Kommissar. What a bunch of hogwash. The face muzzle has not made me comfortable moving around the county. I do not wear it unless I am out of groceries. Otherwise I do all my shopping online or outside of the Capitol District. If masks were so effective then why were more lock downs issued for places like Hawaii and Los Angeles among others who have had mask mandates practically from day one of this scamdemic. Masks are completely useless to stopping viruses. Basic Virology 101 tells you this. All viruses have a natural evolution and we know quite a bit about these Coronoviruses which include the Common Cold and Influenza. The virus is in full retreat, easily treatable and the CDC has already documented that only 6% of deaths were from Covid only. 94% of deaths had one or more comorbidities. The median age of those who died is 78 and the average life expectancy of an American is 78.

    Stop. Lying. To. Us. Kommissar Dozier. Are you too afraid to feel our wrath in a public meeting?

  5. The reason the officials with the CDC and the Florida Department of Health have not issued specific parameters is because they are still CLUELESS on what they are working on. It seems like, every day they change from what they said the day before.

  6. Commission Meetings should be In person in the Chambers at a MINIMUM of twice a Month. Personally, I would like to see them go to Once a Week so more can get done.

  7. I’m surprised she finds time to even address this with her business Endeavors with JT Burnette.

    She has lost all credibility.

  8. Utter garbage – the mask mandate is total over reach. You threw a fit when DesLoge said it would be revisited weekly and screamed no it will be months – why? You had no data then and what you are spewing now is just trash. Masks don’t stop the virus but they do make people very uncomfortable and some have turned into crazies attacking people who cant or dont wear them – business won’t return until the mandate is GONE – we are going to Thomasville and Monticello where they have common sense – time to vote you OUT

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