County Commission Candidate Brian Welch Appears on Above the Fold

County Commission Candidate Brian Welch Appears on Above the Fold

Brian Welch appeared on Above the Fold with Tallahassee Reports Editor Steve Stewart today to discuss his campaign for Leon County Commissioner, District 4. Welch is running against incumbent Bryan Desloge.

Tallahassee Reports previously published a candidate profile detailing Welch’s background and campaign.

At the beginning of the episode, Welch discussed how he thinks he would differ from Desloge as County Commissioner. He said he would prioritize advocating for the people in his district.

“Presence, passion, being in the community, being present, advocating for the people, fighting for the neighborhoods, those are things I feel like we’re currently not getting,” he said.

Welch also brought up specific issues he feels he and Desloge would vote differently on. He said the Northeast Park is one of the things that prompted him to run for the County Commission.

“I’ve lived in Northeast Tallahassee 23 years, I have a 14-year-old daughter, which is sort of the same age as Mr. Desloge’s tenure on the County Commission, and I recall when she was born and Mr. Desloge being elected that we were supposed to have a Northeast Park built up on Thomasville Road, and it occurred to me that that still has not been done,” he said.

Additionally, Welch said he would vote differently on Northeast Tallahassee developments and zoning changes that favor developers.

He said he would have voted against the zoning change allowing for a development that impacted the Summerbrooke neighborhood.

Welch also said that he supports the Black lives matter movement, but does not support the tenets of the Black Lives Matters organization.

Later in the episode, Welch also gave his thoughts on Leon County’s mask mandate. He said he agrees with the principle of the mandate and thinks it was necessary at the time, but he said the mandate should have been better communicated, particularly with the business community.

“I support the mask mandate, but I don’t just support it forever,” he said.

Welch and Desloge will continue to campaign until the general election on Nov. 3. The audio of the Above the Fold episode is available here.

2 Responses to "County Commission Candidate Brian Welch Appears on Above the Fold"

  1. Wow… this race just turned into a “better the devil you know” scenario for me. I think this Trojan Horse just opened a window into its belly. For a novice, Mr. Welch has certainly picked up on the art of political double-speak in record time.

    “I support the rain, just not the clouds that produce it”

    There is absolutely NO distinction between the Marxist BLM “movement” and the Marxist organization that birthed it, finances it, organizes it, and feeds it. Furthermore, his statement in support of the misuse (arguably abuse) of power (aka: mask “mandate”) indicates his fascist leanings.

    … say goodnight, Gracie

  2. I believe in TERM LIMITS. Back when Desloge was the President of the League Of Counties, he miss a lot of Meetings. Mr. Desloge, you were ELECTED to be our County Commissioner, NOT the President of the League Of Counties. It is past time for you to go, THAT is why I will be Voting for Mr. Welch.

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