City Commissioner-Elect Jack Porter to Appear on Above the Fold

City Commissioner-Elect Jack Porter to Appear on Above the Fold

Jack Porter, who narrowly surpassed the 50% threshold to avoid a run-off in her her race for Tallahassee City Commission Seat 1, will appear on Above the Fold with Tallahassee Reports Editor Steve Stewart on Tuesday.

Above the Fold airs live on Tuesday and Thursday on Real Talk 93.3 at 11:00 a.m.

Porter’s victory over incumbent Elaine Bryant has been viewed as a major upset given the fact that Bryant was endorsed by many local power brokers which included Mayor John Dailey.

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12 Responses to "City Commissioner-Elect Jack Porter to Appear on Above the Fold"

  1. What are your plans for protecting the residents and businesses downtown in light of the continuing protests downtown?

    What are your plans for the beautification of downtown? We have weeds, cracked sidewalks, homeless living in (and urinating in public) our chain of parks, and half built abandoned buildings in downtown. Please do not use Covid 19 as your answer.

  2. Tallahassee is a small town pretending to be a big city. We are Florida’s Capital City, and it’s time to grow up and show it. The economic growth opportunity (aka: livable to high paying careers within a variety of industries) is vast. I agree with Hope; the area around the “International” Airport is a blank canvas, ready to be developed into an economic masterpiece.

    Avoid ideological and partisan banter. Stay true to your promise to represent ALL of Tallahassee, and bring needed change to the status quo at city hall. Pay proper respects to your opponent for her service to the community, but use it as a springboard to the citizens making it clear that the status quo needs to change.

    Make no declarations with respect to administration changes (at this time). Welcome the opportunity to meet with all levels of the current administration to gain their perspective and seek answers to your questions. Endeavor to build consensus on a way forward under new leadership.

    Find a strong and knowledgeable assistant, and take no recommendations from the insiders on this. Stay focused on the promises you’ve made, and stay true to your duty to welcome ALL input and serve ALL of Tallahassee.

  3. Keep The Usual Suspects out of the airport. They are advertising themselves without paying advertising fees (which is theft).

    A lot of business will want to move out of New York and transfer their high paying jobs and clean jobs south. Promote Tallahassee as a destination and work on a plan to develop the south side and the north side and the west side to accommodate them.

    Work with the county, the state, and the Federal grants to get monies to beautify Tallahassee and gateways into Tallahassee.

    Is it possible to get Embry-Riddle to put a satellite School in Tallahassee and also look at getting an air traffic controller School in Tallahassee located near the airport?

    Set up programs for local entrepreneurs to start up businesses that will cater to the new growth around the airport.

  4. What are your thoughts on the assault on the counter protester in front of the Capital? Should the group be charged for assaulting the individual to the point he felt he had to draw his weapon?

    1. I’m pretty sure that if Steve asks that question Jack will spin and pivot in the typical leftist method to avoid answering directly. She will be granted that journalistic courtsey because if not she will never grant Steve another interview. So expect the question to be asked, then if the listener is not paying attention the listener will think Jack answered the question, but in reality Jack will not really answer.
      Pay close attention to her leftist ability to pull her spin and pivot skills on Steve. We can grade her leftist talking skills and non answer skills after the interview. Should be interesting but dont blaim Steve because he must play the game or no more interviews for Steve.

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