Video Shows Five Protesters Attacking, Kicking Man that Brandished Gun

Video Shows Five Protesters Attacking, Kicking Man that Brandished Gun

A video released by the Tallahassee Police Department clearly shows that five people pushed a man to the ground and then attacked him at a protest at the Capitol this past Saturday. The man extricated himself from the attack by brandishing a gun.

The video does not show the beginning of the altercation.

However, the video shows that after the man was pushed to the ground, four individuals attacked him as he lay on the ground. Also, a man dressed in an all black outfit delivered a kick to the chest of the defenseless individual.

No one has yet to be charged in the incident. State Attorney Jack Campbell has stated that information related to the incident is still being gathered and charges could still be filed.

TPD stated that after reviewing information available at the time, the man the brandished the gun was lawfully defending himself.

Provide below is a four still photos from the beginning of the video

Man is pushed to the ground

Then attacked by five individuals.

On the ground, defenseless, man is kicked by individual.

Man brandishes gun, attackers move away.

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  1. Why do you think these people are so special they are using scar tactics and something has to be done when are the police going to show up they haven’t been there yet no they just want to punish Law diden citizen just to see how far they can go The Constitution ality up this needs to go to the Supreme Court they have not made a judgment the lower courts they are the ones that has heard the cases so we let Local government Judge itself wow what do you think the Ruling is That’s not the way to fight crime to make law
    bidding citizens stay home

  2. I just want a Cheeseburger. Extra Pickles. Even better. A dozen of those Krystal Hamburgers. Fries. And a Dr. Pepper. Please.

  3. The bottom line is the protesters were illegally blocking the intersection and TPD should have cleared it instead of letting it continue. The man was attacked and his only choice was to defend himself. The Antifa Marxist were real brave until the weapon appeared then the ran like the cowardly dogs they are. He has as much right to protest as them so Matlow and his Snowflake cronies need to get a life. There is no doubt he would have been injured and if he had intended to use the weapon for harm he had every opportunity to do so!

  4. I just love the above people that make excuses for pushing and kicking a downed person. I wonder if the same logic would have applied if a protester had been pushed down and kicked. To these protesters, it always the fault of the counter-protester. To begin with, there was no permit applied for that makes the incident the fault of the protesters. And I drove by the demonstration onto Duval from Gaines just before the incident and noticed the large number of police presence that should be complemented on being there for trouble. Next time protesters, get a permit, behave yourselves, and stop intimidating people that don’t agree with you.

  5. So many great comments above…. I’m going to take a little different angle. These people are notorious for being violent and getting more violent. The kid who traveled to Wisconsin put himself in the same situation. If you (red meat) jump into a pack of hungry wolves don’t be surprised if you get attacked. I’m not sure what the local guy did to get himself identified as someone who opposes them to the point he got attacked escalating the threat to him needing to pull his gun, but in my opinion with all we know about these people…. it was a stupid thing to do. He’s lucky they didn’t hurt him, discover the gun and take it from him. And maybe shoot him with his own gun.

    I’m not opposed to confronting these groups. But ask yourself before you climb into the arena, what do you expect to happen and what was your intention if things went bad? why the hell did he expect? Seriously.

    I think this lone wolf engagement is dangerous in so many ways. If the other side wants to continue to destroy America and disrespect other people’s time by blocking traffic then I believe we need to do our part and vote out the people who allow it WE THE PEOPLE can only take so much!

  6. If TPD has these video footages, why don’t they have other footage that has been placed on social media. The other video that I viewed shows another angle before they reached this point. Also, they should have interview people to get their facts straight. This man started the whole thing and then ran, those people were actually defending themselves and a friend that this so called victim hit/shoved/touched! Don’t put your hands on someone if you don’t want hands laid back on you. I think they are purposely leaving out the true facts of this story to sway the public. Stop the foolishness, be truthful and upfront with the facts, not the story you want to spin.

    1. Defending yourself does not mean turning your opponent into a grease stain on the ground.

      If the man started it what was the extent of injury to the person he shoved or hit? Apparently minimal.

      Once the mob joined in, the man had a reasonable fear of being maimed or killed.

      Had he wanted to shoot his assailants, he could have easily done so.

      All in all, everyone involved was very fortunate.

      1. Incorrect my padawaun, you do not law have the right to retaliate with force you call police and file info and then people arrested, your mentality is what’s getting people killed. Chill pill anyone, anyone.

      2. It’s people like you who try to cover the ignorant shit your so called brother did that was to you the right thing to do! Well pointing a Gun in a crowd of innocent people isn’t the cool thing to do and if the MOB was there to get the jump on him then they should have did just that and save the day????

      3. It’s people like you who try to cover the ignorant shit your so called brother did that was to you the right thing to do! Well pointing a Gun in a crowd of innocent people isn’t the cool thing to do and if the MOB was there to get the jump on him then they should have did just that and save the day????

    2. Key takeaway from Robin above (assuming any of it is true): “started the whole thing and then ran”
      So explain how a person running away can justifiably be chased down, knocked down, then punched and kicked by multiple people?

      A bit of a stretch to call that “self-defense”

      ANTIFA playbook: Use a female to play the “hype” role. Her job is to provoke a male with only those two on camera.

      When the provocations work, the off camera “muscle” charges in giving the appearance that they are defending the female. This has been done in video from around the country.

      The next evolution of the tactic is to have “knife” or “gun” engage if “muscle” fails or the provoked person arms themselves. We were missing only the ANTIFA “gun” role player in this scenario.

      The manual was widely circulated after Furgeson.

      1. Tango, please provide confirmation from a reliable source of this manual. I very much want to read it and become better informed on agitprop tactics!

  7. If proven that this was instigated by the protester/lawyer named in other news sources, maybe he needs to be disbarred.
    “conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice” ?
    “engaged in conduct contrary to honesty and justice”?
    “disparaging and impugned the integrity of the judiciary?

    1. We need a fearless hero to file a complaint with The Florida Bar and let them sort this issue out…sigh…too bad Erwin Jackson and Barney Bishop have retired from the fearless hero business.

  8. Based on lengthy videos from another website with two angles I want to know why TPD allowed the potential Marxist rioters to illegally shut down the intersection to begin with? TPD quickly rushed in to secure the scene once the man had drawn his legal firearm to protect himself. Obviously TPD was already there. What were they doing before all this occurred? Why had they not cleared the intersection immediately of an illegal gathering of potential rioting Marxists like Chief Revell promised on air?

    The Capitol District is run by Socialists and Marxists who think they can control the Burn and Loot Murder, Inc. Marxist movement. And, we all know who the Chief really answers too. Don’t look to TPD for any protection. Protect yourselves and your loved ones. It’s only going to get worse for sane minded Capitol District residents. Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

  9. I will bet that the ones that attacked him do NOT live in Tallahassee and most likely traveled here for several Counties away, possibly even from Georgia.

  10. The full video would add a lot to this story.

    This is a great example of how to not get shot by the police. The man was attacked by the mob and pulled his lawful weapon to defend himself. Most of the crowd separated from him. He took aim at one of his attackers forcing him to the ground. When the police got involved all they saw was somebody with a gun that was aimed at somebody else. They ordered him to disarm, which he calmly did.

    Everybody walked away alive with no shots being fired. Any different action by the man would have likely resulted in a different outcome, including multiple gunshot wounds and likely his death.

    See what happens when you comply with lawful orders?

  11. Campbell needs to identify those attacking this man and charge them. If the young man gets charged, them Campbell néeds to be removed from office. If you have a weapons permit, take it with you when you go out. There strange people in our community. I saw four young white men dressed in all black with masks riding bikes on Crump Road and Miccosukee Road. Be careful folks.

    1. If you have enough time on your hands to participate in this nonsense then you should seriously contemplate hiring a life coach. You are in serious need of direction, ambition, stability, and professional success. Also, in need of some psychiatric and perhaps most of all… spiritual guidance.

      If not, place your index finger in an upward position and extend your thumb outward, then place squarely over your forehead to signify that you are a LOSER.

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