Sheriff McNeil: Curfew Tied to Grand Jury Deliberations

Sheriff McNeil: Curfew Tied to Grand Jury Deliberations

Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil appeared on WCTV this morning to explain the county-wide curfew that was instituted today.

The curfew will be in effect from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. from today until Tuesday, Sept. 8.

According to McNeil, the purpose of the curfew is to add structure to protests and demonstrations by giving them an end time.

The curfew also comes as grand jury deliberations take place over officer-involved shootings, a focus of many local protests.

“The grand jury deliberations will be over on Thursday, and one of the things we know is that we have to add structure to the demonstrations,” McNeil said. “We know that we have to have it structured so that there’s a definite start time and an end time. And that helps us keep the community safe.”

McNeil said that adding structure to protests, including requiring permits, will help prevent dangerous situations.

“We’ve seen over and over that, with all the protests we’ve had, that people don’t know that protests are taking place and they drive into the crowd, and we have situations that occur,” he said.

“We think getting that structure together, what was lacking, perhaps, in the other marches, we want to get that structure so we keep our community safe,” he said.

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  1. what in the hell is wrong with you COMMUNISTS! 200,000 people on a curfew lockdown because of your 1st amendment right to protest! due to a grand jury for 5 days! and now permtis to protest? so i now need a permit for freedom of speech.


  2. Funny how many suggest arresting peaceful protesters. This is the type of talk we deserve now-a-days. Two major universities doesn’t help the fact that this city is stuck in the 1960’s. Reminds me of a conversation I had with an elderly gentlemen at a local oyster bar. He lamented how it was so much simpler “back then” and how this city TRULY use to run.

  3. Wait a minute if I read the TR article right, Comm Deloge said nothing about the impact of a forthcoming grand jury decision when explaining the rationale behind the curfew. And here I thought he was a straight shooter interested in full transparency.

  4. TPD which is 100% controlled by Reese Goad and ZERO % controlled by TPD Police Chief Revell is totally aware of the possable fire storm of violence that may descend upon Tallahassee should the grand jury recommend no charges on the 3 officer involved shootings.
    If ANYBODY is killed or hurt in demonstrations in the next few days it is 100% on Reese Goad’s shoulders.
    Anyone trying to blaim Chief Revell is just ignorant and/or uninformed.

  5. Seems like an attempt at establishing what the legal world calls a “bright line.”
    An effort to avoid grey areas if any enforcement efforts are authorized.
    Meaning anything after the curfew is already on the illegal side of the line and the warning to disperse can immediately be given.
    Interesting idea on paper, too short a notice to be challenged on constitutional basis.
    Hope otherwise, but still think rain will be the most helpful.

  6. Curfews don’t matter to those whose personal makeup is to break the law on most days and evenings. This is going to be like nailing jello to a wall. (Sorry, plagiarized that one.)

  7. The First Amendment to U.S. Constitution is crystal clear about the right to assemble (implied: and “to protest”), and it includes the caveat “peaceably.” When protestors engage in violence against persons or property, they cease to be protected by the First Amendment, and they should be arrested, period, irrespective of the political statement they are trying to make.

    1. The first amendment says that Congress shall make no law. We live in Florida and state and local laws apply. Federalism.

      1. The Supreme court decided in Gitlow v. New York that the 14th amendment extended the 1st amendment’s protections for freedom of speech and freedom of press to apply to state governments.

  8. I hope that all parties were seated during this interview at least. I got dizzy just reading his comments.

    “We’ve seen over and over that, with all the protests we’ve had, that people don’t know that protests are taking place and they drive into the crowd, and we have situations that occur,” he said.

    Ummm… I’m not entirely clear on this point. Is the Sheriff intimating that we should be spending public dollars to “advertise/publicize” planed and unplanned protests, demonstrations, riots, looting, shootings, and otherwise general mayhem?

    Does that idea seem a bit odd to anyone else, or is it just me?

  9. Having applied for several event permits, EVERY application has a start time and stop time. I believe Sheriff McNeil is tinkling on my leg and telling me it’s raining.

  10. Sheriff of LCSO and the Chief of TPD need to charge these groups for the officers’ time if they want the street closed. Otherwise, they need to obey the law and the Sheriff & Chief need to enforce the law. Get these people out of the road. Start arresting people and this crap stops!

  11. I thought the protesters over the weekend didn’t have a permit. Were any of them charged? What sense does it make to have a law you don’t enforce and then go pass another law? Please explain!

    1. No, it’s OK to block roads. Springtime blocks roads… It’s not ‘OK’ to hold a little SA party when and wherever you like. I read the G—D—- Demorat piece: “A gun to a fist fight?” Ahh, OK, so, admittedly NOT a “protest”.

  12. SO, what you are saying is……. you can Protest, Loot, Burn Down Buildings BUT, only until 11:00pm or you will be arrested for being out past Curfew……Good to know.

    1. Obviously, if they catch you doing anything on that list but protesting, you’ll be arrested. This isn’t portland or seattle.

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