TPD Officers Cleared in Recent Shootings

TPD Officers Cleared in Recent Shootings

Today a Leon County grand jury released information related to three fatal police shootings. The grand jury deliberations concluded that all three shootings were justified and issued no indictments.

Details on the three police shootings are listed below with links to the grand jury presentments. Videos from the incidents can be viewed here.

  • Mychael Johnson was shot and killed in the Blair Stone Road area after attempting to carjack two cars. TPD said Johnson “violently resisted” arrest when officers tried to take him into custody. Grand Jury Presentment
  • Wilbon Woodard, who was armed, was shot and killed during a confrontation with police officers on North Monroe. Grand Jury Presentment
  • Tony McDade was shot and killed near an apartment complex on Holton Street. TPD said that McDade pointed a gun at the officer. McDade is the only suspect in a fatal stabbing which took place minutes before the confrontation with law enforcement. Grand Jury Presentment

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    1. Not really… it’s more like… don’t commit crime, obey LEOs commands, don’t resist arrest, don’t try to kill LEOs… and you’re likely to live longer.

    2. The people who feel law enforcement was justified based on the circumstances, would feel that way regardless of race. Can you say the same? Obviously he answer is no.

    3. How about stop breaking the law?

      So basically, you dont have to be a father and “NOTHING” will happen to you? We have to deal with the “values” you instill from being absent?

  1. A judge comes in during the reading of findings to ceremonially confirm they came from the jury and then orders the presentment to be sent to the clerk where they can be made public.
    The delay was related to Marsey’s Law and if an Officer who is attacked has the same privacy right as any other victim. Once that was sorted then everything had to be redacted to the satisfaction of the attorneys representing the victims.
    That could take days, in this case it took hours.

  2. Anyone see Mayor Dailey’s remarks Friday afternoon? My imagination OR did it seem he was REALLY pissed offhand angry? Yes, he made nice remarks about TPD, but looks like he would have been happy if one or more officers were indicted. This dovetails into the incident on Saturday: he was not happy the guy was not arrested.

    1. The mayor is pandering and simply wakes up every morning licks his index finger sticks it in the air and goes which ever way the political wind is blowing on that particular day.

  3. Nothing has said there was a judge that ordered the findings to be published. You keep saying there was a judge…there has been nothing in any report that says a judge ordered the finding to be published. Keep tp the facts.

    1. Dude, this is how things work. Hope understands this even without a reference, but here’s one to ease your obsession:

      “State Attorney Jack Campbell told media outlets early Friday afternoon that the grand jury’s work was not done and nothing would be released for days. Later, however, he said a JUDGE unsealed documents in the three shootings, allowing them to be released.” (emphasis added)

  4. There should be no concerns over these Presentments, nor should there be any riots. We have a legal process in this country, and it is without question the most fair and balanced legal process in the world. The Grand Jury saw and heard all the evidence and testimony, and came to their conclusions… in other words; the process was followed to its rightful and just conclusion and results.

    Indeed anyone has a right to disagree with those conclusions, but those who seek to damage property, commit crime, and/or do harm to any person – guided by their personal or collective disagreement with the conclusions – are nothing shy of anarchists, thugs, and criminals themselves… and should be treated as such; with extreme prejudice.

    If you do not like this country, Her laws, Her Constitution, or Her legal process… then get the hell out. I for one have had it with appeasing criminals and mobs whose feelings got hurt. This is all a result of two very dangerous and failed concepts that led to a collision at the intersection of “Everyone Gets A Trophy” and “Perception is Reality”

  5. God bless our Law Enforcement this weekend. Pray for their safety. I urge them to take no crap. We will back our men and women in blue.

  6. Watching Mayor Infiniti. What a joke. I voted for this guy over Andrew Gillum’s minion Dustin Daniels. This guy is disappointing. I thought “Okay, seems like a moderate, perhaps a nice guy, will head us in the right direction”. Get us out of the corruption and pandering cycle. Wrong.

    Every Commission Meeting I have witnessed the dude is kind of a blowhard and full of himself. We get a Marxist painting at our expense in the middle of a street to “bridge the gap between FAMU and FSU” or some ^%&# ? Is there no one who will let go of their ego and lead? Oh Boy. Downtown may burn this weekend and he will probably do the same as Former mayor andrew gillum and turn down any help. God help you folks in the downtown area, Cascades, Gaines Street, Midtown.

    But he wears a bow tie so he must be cool. $50 to anybody who gets me a picture of his majestie with a bowtie in an infiniti on his way home to his posh NE Tallahassee digs.

  7. Prayers to all involved and their families and may healing begin.

    I applaud the judge for releasing and unsealing the decision.

    Did the state attorney abuse his position in making a statement that he was going to NOT release the information? Why would the state attorney be able to circumvent the process in such a way? This is very troubling and again, I applaud the judge.

    1. Judges have nothing to do with grand juries….there isn’t a judge in a grand jury hearing. Maybe SA Campbell was trying to help defuse a situation that could have gotten out of hand. Maybe at the time he made the statement he didn’t think the grand jury would have made it’s decision. Why must everything be a conspiracy?

      1. After State Attorney Campbell said no information would be released today within three hours a judge ordered the presentment to be unsealed.

        I don’t believe the state attorney had any right to withhold the findings and obviously other people including a judge agreed.

        I would like to know what went on behind the scenes as there is more to this story.

        1. Again…there is no judge even present in a grand jury during the hearing…meaning there is no judge in the room. The state attorney is in charge of the grand jury. The release of their verdict is up to the state attorney. NO JUDGE. I say this as someone who has testified in dozens of grand juries.

          1. I didn’t say there was a judge in the grand jury I said a udge ordered the results to be released something is going on behind the scenes.

            Did State Attorney Jack Campbell abuse his power and attempt to withhold the findings of the presentment and at that point a judge got involved and ordered the presentment unsealed?

            In other words dod the state attorney go rogue and a judge had to get involved to get the process back on track?

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