Protestors Call Cleared Officers “Killer Cops”, TPD Comments on Arrests

Protestors Call Cleared Officers “Killer Cops”, TPD Comments on Arrests

At an unpermitted protest in downtown Tallahassee on Saturday, law enforcement officials arrested 15 people. The protest comes after a Leon County grand jury reviewed evidence in three police related shootings and concluded officer actions were justified.

The Tallahassee Police Department issued a press release following the arrests – provided below – which describes that the arrests were due to protesters impeding traffic, interfering with arrests and striking officers.

The Tallahassee Community Action Committee (TCAC), after the arrests, stated on their Facebook page that TPD “arrested TCAC members, including Regina Joseph and Satya Stark -Bejnar.”

After the grand jury results were released on Friday, the TCAC stated on their Facebook page that the “grand jury has just decided that the killer cops who murdered Mychael Johnson, Wilbon Woodard, and Tony McDade will walk free.”



Law Enforcement Partners Respond to Ensure Safety

Today, Sept. 5, as part of an unpermitted protest, a motorist was stopped for impeding the normal flow of traffic on South Monroe Street. During the traffic stop, the driver did not comply with law enforcement instructions.

As the individual was being placed under arrest, several members of the crowd attempted to interfere. They were given commands by law enforcement and did not comply.

As officers then moved in to arrest those interfering, other crowd members blocked the officers’ efforts, including striking officers. Due to their actions and, again, unwillingness to comply with officers’ commands, they were also arrested.

In total, 15 people were arrested during this incident.

Multiple agencies, including the Tallahassee Police Department, Leon County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Capitol Police and Florida State University Police Department, assisted in this effort.

This is an open, active investigation. More details will be released as they become available.

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  1. Anyone who watched the TPD videos released of the police shootings (posted on wctv in FULL) and who still thinks the police murdered the suspects, needs a serious and immediate mental evaluation. Truly…. if you dispute these shootings… you are just not living in reality. Its sad

  2. It did not help a bit for our mayor to come our Friday afternoon and make a speech about the grand jury decision and what sounded like an angry tone, not liking their decision. He set the tone for events Saturday afternoon. Where has he been Saturday night and all day Sunday?

    1. Mayor infiniti did have a strange tone. I wasn’t feeling leadership.

      I thought it was an opportunity to say, “despite protestations, our local law enforcement acted responsibly in carrying out thier sworn duties to serve and protect the Citizens of Tallahassee. I stand behind them and the grand jury decision.”

      I guess he had decided to pandered and act like an activist. Do us a favor. Resign.

      1. Exactly! The mayor is pandering to what he thinks is his political base for his next re-election campaign.

        Remember when he was on the County Commission he totally ignored and did nothing about the joint dispatch problems and because the problems were ignored several people lost their lives.

        The mayor may be the boy next door, but he is no leader. I agree… Resign.

        1. I just cannot believe our local city “leadership” what’s it going to take to open these idiots eyes to why these things happen? Are the criminals actions justified and no ones business? Where is the protest and outcry for the young man McDade murdered from these low lifes?

  3. What is the deal with Tallahassee Reports poster News Maven ?

    Her icon is of a woman with shoulder length brown hair and black glasses. She comments frequently here, often on city issues. She has hard right views.

    If you google news maven, the identical icon photo appears. Only this News Maven is Reuters , and a long time journalist named Terry Moseley who currently works for the New York Daily News. This women espouses left wing views.

    1. Hopefully the body camera footage from these law enforcement officers will help in the convictions of the protesters. Very happy to see that they were charged. I’ve had it with police getting physically abused all across our country with no retribution.

  4. If you people in Leon County can not behave yourselves,you will not be allowed to play with other children. (Sarcasm) ?

  5. Great performance by the Police in controlling this nonsense before it got out of hand.The law is the law and it should be enforced. There is no exemption for Snowflakes! If all law enforcement
    are allowed to nip these in the bud these protests would be none existent or lawful at the best!

  6. Kudos and Thank You to the TPD, LCSO, FHP, FDLECP, and FSUPD for taking the proper, legal, and necessary steps to quell this ignorance. The local elected “wokeiticians” fanned the flames of the foolishness when they held an illegal “out of the Sunshine” meeting and allocated public dollars, time, and resources to paint a huge “Marxists Welcome” sign in the middle of a public-owned intersection.

    The only way to prevent Tallahassee from becoming another Marxist-run war zone of ill-educated, malleable, hate-fueled, indignant, Millidiot anarchists… is to pop the petulant pimple when it appears, and prevent it from growing and spreading.

    Keep up the good work, LEOs… and thank you for your service.

  7. “Snidely” – You’re a xxxxxxx moron.

    I just viewed video of our LEOs walking up to peaceful demonstrators who were *quietly kneeling in the grass*. The cops dragged them out one by one, beat and arrested them.

    What the xxxx are you bringing up Biden for? Or his “handlers”?? We’re in DeSantis country. You know, Trump’s favorite brown-noser. Are you one of those conservative nut jobs that reads conspiracies online and parrots them everywhere you go?

    1. The protesters failed to get the proper permit.

      Your ignorance is astounding and you would get a lot further delivering your message if you were able to deliver your message in a peaceful proper intelligent manner.

      DeSantis is a wonderful governor and to think that the fornicator Gillum would be our governor God surely had his hand on citizens making the right choice on that one.

      Praying that you will find something better to do with your time that will serve you and the rest of humanity because what you’re doing now is taking away from humanity.

      Advocate that people follow laws, don’t resist arrest, and don’t commit crimes and begin with yourself.

    2. That’s only the second half of the story. This is what happened: A car stopped mid-intersection on hwy. 27, then several people got into the roadway, stopping traffic. When law enforcement told them to get out of the road, they abused the officers.

      That video is the aftermath. After TPD cleared the roadway, gathered the protesters on the grass, then arrested the protesters that assaulted the officers. As it should be! You do the crime, you do the time.

    3. Too bad you were not there to see what really happened. An edited video from you favorite leftist propaganda group is only going to show you the lie you want to propagate.

      Get it?

  8. The tricky thing to grasp regarding what on the surface seems to be, LEOS suddenly reaching down in their tighty whiteies and finding a pair, and LEOS suddenly finding a backbone. Is that Joe Biden’s handlers ordered this.

    After realizing America hated Democratic violence in Democratic cities enough to hate Joe Biden and the DNC thats exactly what happened.

    So hold back on your “atta boy praise for LEOS” in Democratic cities.
    They are only playing out the latest desperate play of the DNC. That is all these good union paying LEOS are doing.
    Keep up with the real news and dont be a pawn.

    1. Oh lordy. What are you smoking tonight, or drinking or whatever is causing this foolishness. Either that or are you on RNC payroll? Or on Kremlin IRA payroll? Both?

  9. The rhetoric coming from some of the protest leaders is the opposite of thoughtful, well-intentioned and productive. It’s more like inciting a riot with malicious intent.

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