Final 20/21 Budget for Leon County Schools Includes $3 Million Local Tax Increase

Final 20/21 Budget for Leon County Schools Includes $3 Million Local Tax Increase

The Leon County School Board will hold their final public hearing for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 budget this week. Local residents will be paying a total of $115.6 million in property taxes, compared to last year’s total of $112.7 million.

The meeting agenda includes a discussion of the final budget and the new millage rates for the year, which include a decrease from 6.167 mils in 2019 to 5.963 mils in 2020. While the millage rates are lower than in previous years, the overall property value in the county is projected to increase from $19 billion to $20 billion.

Approximately $29.1 million of the tax revenue will be allocated to capital improvements and approximately $14.5 million are labeled as discretionary.

While the LCS documents do not mention total student enrollment, there are 36,580 students currently enrolled in Leon County’s 62 public schools, marking an increase from previous years.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students were given a choice to attend school in the traditional brick-and-mortar setting or to start the school year in a virtual format. There is no mention of how the pandemic will affect the budget numbers in the meeting agenda.

The vote on the final budget will take place at the School Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

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  1. This is what happens when voters let Liberals take over government…more taxes. Get used to it. And the mask mandate…maybe next year the commissioners will consider dropping it but not in the near future….it’s about control.

  2. WHY do you need a Property Tax INCREASE. Do you know how many new Homes are being built that are $200,000 and UP? Thousands, and MORE on the way. If anything, Property Taxes should be going DOWN.

  3. As Leon school teachers suffer through low salaries and Rocky’s ongoing insults to our worth he cost the school district $600,000 with an investigation that Rocky himself admitted he made up and falsified all the information in his charges, Rocky’s lies where 100 percent verified as lies by the school board attorney, yet the school board never charged Rocky with filing false reports! Unreal!

    Now Rocky is Superintendent and he needs to continue to pay high salaries to his fan club of self selected non teachers!
    Leon County Schools district administrators
    Superintendent Rocky Hanna — $134,465

    Assistant Superintendent Michelle Gayle — $125,407

    Assistant Superintendent Alan Cox — $123,433

    Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Rodgers — $123,185

    Chief of Safety and Security John Hunkiar — $121,604

    Chief Financial Officer Kim Banks — $118,920

    Assistant Superintendent Gillian Gregory — $116,587

    Assistant Superintendent Deana McAllister — $112,204

    Director of Elementary Schools Sue Kraul — $109,094

    Director of Secondary Schools Scott Hansen — $106,384

    Director of Technology and Information Bill Nimmons — $102,422

    Director of Staff Development Shane Syfrett — $102,422

    Director of Purchasing June Kail — $98,738

    Director of Property Management Michael Moore — $96,557

    Director of Early Childhood Programs Brooke Brunner — $95,779

    Director of Food Services James Howcroft — $92,838

    Director of Construction Danny Allbritton — $91,920

    Director of Maintenance Alvin Watkins — $90,720

    Director of ESE Operations and Compliance Cathy Shields — $89,395

    Director of Payroll Deena Howell — $88,922

    Director of Code Enforcement, Compliance Rod McQueen — $86,912

    Director of Risk Management Services Janet Heath — $82,996

    Interim Director of Transportation James Cole — $81,252

    Director of Internal Auditing Livetra Paul — $80,501

    Director, Interdivisional Support Services Ricky Bell — $77,967

    Director of Benefits Pam Faulkner — $74,851

    Coordinator of School Choice Office Jamie Holleman — $73,920

    Coordinator of Title 1 Office Ashley Scott — $71,920

    Coordinator of Communications and Media Relations Chris Petley — $71,790

    Coordinator of Volunteer and Mentor Services Kelli Walker — $67,924

    Coordinator of Policy and Planning Marline Feliciano — $66,605

    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Sha’Rhonda Brown — $56,924

  4. Hanna has to support his household group of Asst. Supt.s. Also, he bought millions of dollars of take home computers. Ones that may enter the black market rather than be returned at years end. I understand the vendor was a friend and funder of his HaaHaa Vegas fund. Watch his next move: reduce the number of teachers and cut sports and extra-curricular activities. Not much of a choice, but voters do have a choice in Nov. However, we are stuck for more years with a liberal School Board.

  5. “… $14.5 million are labeled as discretionary.”

    After all… what “shutdown” household doesn’t have $14.5 million laying around to play with.

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