City Commission Approves Letter of Support for Bike Route 90 Reroute

City Commission Approves Letter of Support for Bike Route 90 Reroute

The City Commission voted today to approve a Letter of Support for the proposed reroute of US Bicycle Route 90. The reroute is intended to improve safety and comfort for cyclists.

US Bicycle Route 90 (USBR-90 FL) is a 419.7-mile bike route that was established in November 2014. It connects from the Atlantic Coast starting in St. Augustine Beach through Tallahassee to the border of Alabama.

The bike route currently aligns with Tennessee Street (US-90). Staff reports that traffic volume and speed on Tennessee Street leads to “a low level of comfort for cyclists.”

The reroute has cyclists pass I-10 through Jefferson County, avoiding most of Tennessee Street and Mahan Drive altogether. It then follows the more scenic route of Edwards Wildlife Area, Old St. Augustine Road, and Myers Park. Rather than following Tennessee Street, the route cuts through it perpendicularly and then passes SR-8 towards Quincy.

“The reroute highlights scenic canopy roads, the City’s extensive trail system, and directions cyclists onto lower volume roadways,” staff reports.

The proposed reroute is speculated to create economic growth as well as a positive impact on the health of residents and visitors.

You can find more information about the bike route here.

5 Responses to "City Commission Approves Letter of Support for Bike Route 90 Reroute"

  1. To reroute bikes to narrow, twisting roads is an invitation for body bags. When I was a teen, I was hit on my bike by a car from behind because he was blinded by the sunlight flashing in his eyes through the trees. This reroute is pure idiocy. I have enough problems being suddenly surprised by bikes in the middle of my lane when I round a blind curve or crest a rise on Chaires and W W Kelly at 45 to 55 MPH. You would be better served by turning the verge of 90 into a bike lane

  2. Add St Augustine to that mix of road and yes everybody pays taxes but you pay more in road taxes by putting gas your car than you do by putting air in your bike tires. Regardless, of that I can’t imagine the steel balls it takes to ride down a curvy canopy road during heavy commuting hours. Especially knowing how many people are driving distracted. No thanks. But good luck out there.

  3. Hooray for Brian D.trying to keep cyclist safe. If you were ever hit by a car on your bicycle you might change your mind. I know because I have been hit. And last time I checked the law allows bike riders on all roads and we are taxpayers too!

  4. I am quite certain Desloge has his hands, all in this. He is a cyclist! It still won’t keep the cyclist off Centerville/Moccasin Gap & Miccosukee Road. :/

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