“I Cried Everyday”: Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum to Discuss Controversial Incident on “Tamron Hall”

“I Cried Everyday”: Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum to Discuss Controversial Incident on “Tamron Hall”

Six months after entering rehab following a highly publicized incident in a Miami hotel, former Tallahassee mayor and Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is set to make his first television appearance discussing the matter.

Gillum, 41, is scheduled to appear on “Tamron Hall” to open up about the scandal that made headlines across the country. A spokesperson for the show revealed that the former politician “will discuss his swift fall from grace, his rehabilitation experience in the face of adversity, and share what his life looks like now.”

The appearance was first reported by the New York Daily News.

From 2014 to 2018, Gillum served as mayor of Tallahassee. In 2018, he became a well-known up-and-coming figure in Democratic politics while running for Governor of Florida, where he would have been the first African American to hold the position. He ultimately lost by a narrow margin to opponent Ron DeSantis.

In July, Gillum apologized to his supporters and explained his battles with depression and alcoholism in an Instagram post. After the March incident in Miami, in which the former mayor was found to be heavily intoxicated and in the presence of illegal drugs, Gillum announced that he would be “stepping down from all public facing roles” and entering a rehabilitation facility to “seek help [and] guidance.”

Gillum will be joined by his wife, R. Jai Gillum, to discuss the impact the controversy has had on their family and daily lives. The two have been married since 2009 and have three children together. On his relationship with his wife, Gillum commented: “[she is] a woman who knows everything that I am, and everything that I am not, and she chooses to love me.”

In a teaser trailer for the interview, Gillum emotionally claims that he “cried every day” after the incident. The episode of “Tamron Hall” will be part of the show’s season two premiere on Monday, September 14th.

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  1. Just a thought…

    Male Prostitute may have other well-known clients. What happened to that well known massage parlor that has #45 ion WH friends as clients. More to this story. It could reach to the WH or at minimum Robert Kraft of the NE Patriots football team. They are all bedfellows!

  2. If he we white, he wouldn’t have been scrutinized like he has and is still being so. What he does in his bedroom is no damn body’s business. If he’s good in politics, then that’s all that matters. It seems the worst politicians that the United States has ever had in history, including trump, got away with violating and raping someone, doesn’t seem to matter. And further more, this whole thing sounds like someone gave him a drug to stage him in this position purposely, to ruin him because he was so great in politics. I think he should hold his head high and jump right back in there and do the people some good, like he was before. He is, not by far, the only politician that’s done something like this. Only difference is, he’s Black. And satan worshippers get a kick out of bringing a powerful Black person down. Its been done throughout history, or did everybody forget that.

  3. He’s actually flipping this and will use this whole thing as a weapon.

    He said he’s bisexual in the interview.

    A black bisexual socialist? Its like David Axelrod created him in a lab.

    They’ll weaponize this and add to the cries of “racism” “homophobia.”

    You can see it a mile away.

  4. Saw the Tamron Hall show. Many times Gillum refers to himself in the third person. Why?
    Next question: How much was he and the wife paid for being on the show?
    Last question: Has Gillum managed to deplete the war chest that had been paying his (political) legal fees?

  5. Andrew has now admitted he’s bisexual (https://www.axios.com/andrew-gillum-bisexual-0d0ee27d-73e3-42e7-84d1-e1df8b552fa8.html):

    > “I don’t identify as gay. I identify as bisexual. I’ve never shared that publicly before,” Gillum,
    > who was once considered a rising star in the Democratic party after his Florida gubernatoria
    > run in 2018, told Hall.

    And it sounds like his wife pretty much admits they have an open marriage:

    > R. Jai Gillum, Gillum’s wife, told Hall that she viewed sexuality as something that exists on a
    > spectrum. “All I care about is what’s between us and what agreement we make,” she told Hall.

    I’ll be patiently waiting for Rev. R. B. Holmes to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ with Andrew and his wife and call them to repentance …

  6. Steven, I know you read the comments and have standards so could you please read the language in the post by Kjwj , its harsh and rude.

  7. Andrew keep your head up and continue to move forward. God will put you were he needs you to be. If it is in public office then so be it. If God is with you who can be against you.I still love you and your family and always will.You are and will always be loved and respected .

  8. After seeing Gillum’s photo unconscious and naked on the floor next to a gay “escourt” I lost all respect for our mayor. The bags of meth in the room added to the horrid image. To think he might have been governor in the time of covid19 makes me shudder. Yes, redemption is possible, but elected office is not.

  9. Good grief folks. Does this CONTRIVED PR DOG & PONY show help with his pending INDICTMENT??? Scheme is to work the emotional sympathies of the local pool of jurists? It’s coming ANDREW!

  10. “For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death” (2 Cor. 7:10, ESV). Time will tell if Andrew is exhibiting the former or the latter.

    1. Yes you screwed up, you dishonored your wife, your children, your constituents everyone that knows you. Please just drop any thought of public office and get a real job and continue on with your life. You will never be seen as you were before and if you ate by chance elected to some form of public office just know that I have copies of the hotel photos and you will always be reminded of them. I will post them in every comment of any post you make while in public office. I will make Hugh banners and hang them around town reminding you of your true self. You screwed up buddy now disappear!

      1. Well aren’t you holier than thou, the perfect person who has never done a thing wrong, good for you!!! Glad there is at least one perfect person who can stand up and spit in all of our faces! I guess no one ever gets a second chance in your book. Who the he!! are you to judge much less never let a person reformed ever get that second chance. Hope you don’t call yourself a Christian because guess what your a phoney. Only God can judge buddy, not you. You don’t want to vote for him if he ever makes it back into public service fine but you have NO right to try to keep ruining the man. He’s human don’t forget, not God. Speaking of which, God knows what’s in his true heart and I’ll lay odds that he’s already forgiven him. Your feelings aren’t worth more than a wort on a hog’s a$$. Get off your high horse, no one wants a hypocrites opinion anyway. I’m not even some big fan of the man, just another human and a true Christian. I believe people can change and deserve a second chance.

  11. Every want is so quick to judge.I have read more than enough of this foolishness if he did it or not that’s between him and God and his family. Stop kicking a person when there down. When things happen in ours lives you want people to understand the reason why. The problem in this world is that we can’t see past no one mistake. You calling this man all types of names. Go judge Trump stupid ass and see what you come up with, I bet you would understand his simple retarded ass. So Andrew as long as you know the truth who gives a front door about what other say

    1. Your comments speak volumes to the level of your intelligence and the ability to write anything anyone can understand.
      We had to live with eight years of Obama and his side kick. Better hold on its going to be a long four more years for you all. ?

  12. John Morgan still wants his $500 K back.
    And to think he ran to be the Governor of the State of Florida. Let that sink in all you who voted for this narcissist.

  13. All I got is that if CNN does not now beg to take him back then CNN is anti BLM, raciest, and anti LBGTQ.
    CNN Mr. Gillum just put the ball in your court.

  14. He is still a father (Dad) to children, their mother know to put children first, love from Truth in the word and will of God will heal. Truth will stand the test in time and expose lies.????????

  15. If those pics of me and the ripped male prostitute mething around got out I would cry every day too. My experience with this exact same misfortune thankfully occurred before the digital age. We used a Kodak disc camera and when my date went all afib I slung the discs like shurikens from balcony well into Atlantic. Dr friend was able to revive 6pack without LE becoming involved. Prob have said too much but good luck with your future endeavors

  16. I’m not judging you that mistake is between you,God and your wife, I just want you to rememeber everyone that believed in you,those that trusted you and how you let us down you will definately have a long road ahead of you trying to regain your basis trust again,”it can be done”,but through alot of transparency. God bless you and your family while you all go through this time.

  17. I feel so sorry for his long suffering wife. She is either good with his dual sexuality, or is in denial. This dude has been lying and hustling since his FAMU daze. I don’t care if he is bi-sexual or closeted, he is a bad person. He is a pathological liar and was long before his hook up with a male prostitute and meth. Everybody has problems, but he sucked at being a public servant at every level. He is corrupt and incompetent. Andrew, you are forgiven by your wonderful wife and God. If you are serious about redemption, stay out of politics and accomplish something/anything of substance.

  18. What a POS. The ONLY reason someone would be out doing these types of interviews would be part of their “comeback”. What a tool for putting his wife through this. He needs to go away and get good with God and his family.

    (And no one believes he didn’t have his lips wrapped around a meth pipe and that male escort)

  19. HMMMM, Very nice story , but I think of how this interview would have gone if it were Trump rather than Andrew, the GMA has displayed the same biased reporting on Trump and they have the nerve to try to put this mans career back on track as they try to help derail our President..GMA you are disgusting in my opinion and Andrew good luck to you Sir, sorry this was your story at the time of this but the people need to open their eyes .

  20. Mr. Gillum Donnie McClurkin says it best. We fall down but we get up. We all have sinned and fell short of the Glory 9f GOD, but GOD is a forgiving GOD. Get the help you need and get back on that horse. I live in mobile i was roooting for you to win and i still am. You and your wife and family with GOD leading will win.

  21. Typical, sanctimonious loser, that liberals will make a martyr of. NFL will probably have him on their helmets. Or maybe a statute.
    Maybe the new al Sharpton.
    How do you even show your face?

  22. Regardless of what people say, God knows the heart. Do the right thing, get whatever help is needed, learn and grow from it and move on.

  23. So thankful for the remarks that show grace. But for the grace of God go we ALL. I pray with them for healing,restoration, & peace. Life is easy for nobody and none of us get through unscathed. Let’s be as kind as possible. Let us sow the seeds WE want to harvest.

  24. He needs to do a lot more than cry. Male prostitute, drugs in a hotel room and fake news covers it up! Makes you question what was going on and with who?????

  25. Andrew, praying for you. You didn’t get my vote for Governor but that is a worthless fact. Rest assured that God wants you strong. Our heavenly father is never really concerned with length of time the process may take — all are guilty of being anxious about this.
    My heart hurts for the struggles you face. God loves you so he is shaping your greatness even more. Truly cheering for you with hopes that you find your greater purpose. For this life and for the next.
    From my family to yours. We have nothing but love for you in our hearts. May God’s love for you overflow, brother. You have a beautiful family, too.
    Psalms 121:1-2

    1. Jay Peterson,

      Yours is the kind of opposition to my beliefs that I can take. Religion should be used, if at all, as a tool of love, help, and hope and I commend you for reminding me of the type of religious person that was my ex’s mother… devout Catholic and should have been a saint. Knew struggle and prayed for no one else to for one minute longer than they needed to. There are a lot of hateful religious people that make those of us who do not believe speak falsely and condemn all who do believe… but then there’s you, and gone but not forgotten Kathleen… the ones who if there is an afterlife and a god… will be up there judging those who use religion as a tool of hate and oppression more harshly than the heathens such as myself who share half of your beliefs and just want love and healing for everyone.

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