FSU to Launch Search for Thrasher’s Replacement

FSU to Launch Search for Thrasher’s Replacement

The News Service of Florida

Florida State University is launching a national search to replace President John Thrasher, who advised the school’s Board of Trustees on Friday “the time is right to begin planning for FSU’s future.” In a message also posted on the university’s website, Thrasher, 76, didn’t use the word retirement as he stated his intention to remain at the helm until a successor is chosen.

“Today, Florida State University Board of Trustees Chair Ed Burr and I announced that due to the potential impact of COVID-19 on a national presidential search, the time is right to begin planning for FSU’s future,” the message said. “Recognizing the challenges of conducting a presidential search during the pandemic, we agree the Board should begin the process earlier than anticipated. The Chair has pledged to take as much time as needed to ensure a thorough and comprehensive search.”

Thrasher called his six-year stint at FSU “the most energizing and rewarding of my professional life.” Thrasher’s contract with FSU expires in November 2021. “We created a strategic plan, raised $1 billion for our capital campaign, expanded the research enterprise, enrolled and graduated the brightest students in the university’s history, and became recognized as one of the Top 20 public schools in the nation,” Thrasher said, reflecting on his tenure as FSU’s chief cheerleader.

A former House speaker from St. Augustine, Thrasher in 2014 left a state Senate seat and role as chairman of then-Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election campaign to become president of the school where he earned his undergraduate and law degrees. Thrasher, who also served as a chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, had been a major supporter of FSU in the Legislature, including helping the university establish a medical school. Thrasher, who headed the search committee that selected T.K. Wetherell as FSU president in 2003, was nominated for the post by former FSU president Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte.

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  1. The Truth Be Known, I wonder what Jimbo would say now after time has elapsed as to real reasons he left. Did he see some writing on the wall about mounting racial issues brought on by such ‘60’s radical student groups On campus as Students for a Democratic Society? Recall the black football outfits? What went on behind the scenes? Yes, Thrasher has been a profound disappointment. His successor will have a terrible time. is this why a successor has not been sought sooner? Can’t find anyone interested?

  2. Turned into a far left Marxist with their Agenda in mind! He should have went a long time ago. He drank the Snowflake KoolAide so long he turned into one of them. He set FSU athletics back 10 years with his stupid decisions and continue to bow down to all their demands without considering the facts. I was a Booster and season ticket holder for over 40 years but no more. I will not contribute to this flawed agenda!

  3. Not a moment too soon. What a huge disappointment. I apologize to all the folks that I told Thrasher would make a good president of FSU. Boy was I wrong.

  4. He can’t leave fast enough to suit me. He has engulfed himself into the far left liberal doctrine. The FSU under Trasher’s regime has adopted the tactics of the McCarty hearing of the 1950s. Removing statutes, deleting names from dorms and other facilities all in the name of tolerant, inclusive, etc.

    I dropped my booster membership, did not renew my 3 FSU tags, and I would take back my lifetime Alumni Association fee if possible. I want nothing more to do with this BLM institution.

    ALL LIVES MATTER, especially the unborn babies of all races.

      1. We have done the same! Nothing FSU left in this house or on vehicles. I would rather put my money in dog rescue. His leaving can’t come soon enough.
        So many over 75 year olds, retire, go fishing, spend time with your wife and family for goodness sake. The power these people want to continue to have is sickening, just look at the Democrats.

  5. Oh I get it. The Board of Trustees just figured out that former Tallahassee Mayor Gillum is rehabilitated and seeking gainfull employment. Goodbye President Thrasher.

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