Tallahassee Violent Crime Incidents Up 64% in August

Tallahassee Violent Crime Incidents Up 64% in August

Based on Tallahassee Police Department reports, violent crime incidents have increased by 64% in August 2020 when compared to August 2019. Additionally, during the last three months violent crime incidents are up approximately 98% when compared to the first three months of 2020.

Analysis of the incidents show that the upward trend in violent crime is due to an increase in assaults and armed robbery.

Violent Crime

The chart below shows the number of violent crime incidents for each month since August, 2020. The chart was created from a Tallahassee Reports database that contains daily incident data provided by TPD. TR began tracking the daily crime incidents in August, 2019.

There were 64 violent crime incidents reported in August 2019. This number increased 64% to 105 violent crime incidents in August 2020.

Additionally, during June through August, there were 331 violent crime incidents, for a weekly average of 25.3 violent criminal incidents. This is a 97.7% increase when compared to the weekly average of 12.8 violent incidents reported for the first three months of the year.

Violent crime incidents include murder, robbery, rape, assault, & battery

Assaults Driving Increase

A closer look at the data shows that the increase in violent crime incidents are being driven in part by assaults, armed robbery and sexual batteries. The table shows the change in these categories from January through March to June through August.

21 Responses to "Tallahassee Violent Crime Incidents Up 64% in August"

  1. Since the BLM are screaming that all Cops should be killed because of the acts of a few bad Cops then, shouldn’t all Blacks be killed because of the actions of MANY bad Blacks? Just using their logic.

  2. Something tells me that neither Matlow nor Porter will go down the “Defund the Police” route. If either expects to have a future in elected leadership, they’ll get on the right side of reality and history on this issue.

    I’ve certainly been wrong before… but I’m going with my gut instinct here. Extreme radical Marxists did not get them elected, and neither will they be able to keep them in office. Contrary to the Media PAC narrative… the reality tide is shifting, particularly among the non politically-connected elders within the communities of color. Parents will always want their children to succeed in life, and not become pawns of the systemic lie.

  3. Jack and Jeremy need to be kicked off any government agency. This is an opportunity to clean up the garbage Democrats are dumping into our streets. We need to INCREASE funding to law enforcement as well.

    1. I am praying that Jack and Jeremy will make good decisions. They have had bad mentors in the Democratic Party and hopefully they will see the light and look to mentors beyond the Democratic Party and not base decisions on pandering to their political base, but what is best for everyone and humanity.

      1. Good luck with that. Their are a LOT of Local Democrats who still think Biden will be the next best thing to sliced bread and make a wonderful President. They actually believe that, if he wins, HE will be the President. Matlow has already admitted to liking Socialistic ways.

  4. O/T: Breaking News!

    At last Wednesday’s City Commision meeting a medical marijuana dispensary issue came before The city commission

    The medical marijuana dispensary developer wanted to put a location at Monroe and Tennessee. The city planner recommended that they NOT do so because it was too close to a school which is against the law.

    Even though there is a law that states that this could not be close to a school the mayor and three Commissioners voted for it and Curtis Richardson opted out because of a conflict of interest.

    They developers said that they asked the school if it would be okay… what difference does it make if the school said it was okay; there is a law in place that should supersede the school’s decision yay or nay.

    A condo building of 40 people said they didn’t want it also another building said they didn’t want it. Just because the school said that they wanted it there is a law that says it can’t be put there because it is too close to a school… what don’t these Commissioners get? The city planner gets it and recommended that it not be put it this location.

    Why did Curtis Richardson opt out due to a conflict of interest? What is his conflict of interest with a medical dispensary or is it just too close to an election and he didn’t want his name on the record as voting for a medical dispensary to be located near a school so close to an election?

    Why isn’t this front page news on the Tallahassee Democrat?

    Once again the city commissioners and mayor are breaking a law and keeping it not classy by putting a medical dispensary at a prime location which is actually against the law. They think that their vote can supersede the law.

    Did any of these commisioners/mayor receive campaign contributions from the medical marijuana dispensary developer? Is Gary Yordon involved in this?

    1. You said & asked: “there is a law that says it can’t be put there because it is too close to a school… what don’t these Commissioners get?” ………………….WELL… It’s NOT what they DON’T get, it’s what they GOT that had them say YES.

  5. Of course violent crime tends to uptick every summer. The chart does show the summer numbers from last year and the current numbers are significantly higher. Thank you TR.

    In the auditing profession there is a term used: “Tone at the Top”. The auditor is trained to look at the organization’s leadership they are auditing. They are trained to look at the organization’s culture and climate promoted by that leadership. These are key indicators of potential fraud, waste and abuse within that organization.

    Without question the Capital District’s Kommissars open support of the Burn and Loot, Marxist, Inc. movement is a critical factor to setting the “Tone at the Top.” Human group psychology is entirely predictable, if our dear Kommissars and local media lapdogs verbally give the green light to this Marxist revolutionary movement these Marxists will feel empowered to carry out their violent agenda. Violence is a critical factor in any Marxist movement. Another “Tone at the Top” message by our Kommissars and lapdog local media is the constant drumbeat of panic porn for the scamdemic. Keep people anti-socially distant, wear a face diaper, keep parks closed for athletics activities (anyone want to talk about why the Meadows Soccer Complex is still closed?) and on and on and on it goes with no metrics on stopping any of this insanity. This helps feed the pro violent crime agenda of the Capital District Kommissars.

    It’s the perfect storm to create this violence, chaos and anarchy we are living through. And don’t forget, “Orange Man Bad”, plays a huge role in all of this “Tone at the Top.”

  6. Violent crimes rise every summer in all cities. Compare the data from summer to summer for a better look at what’s going on.

  7. This is what happens when you hold an illegal “out of the Sunshine” meeting, and illegally vote to approve the illegal allocation of taxpayer time, money, and resources to paint a huge “Marxists Welcome” sign in the middle of the city.

    Illegality begets illegality

  8. Elect a City Commissioner who will treat crime as the priority it is in our City.
    Vote for someone who will not only support law enforcement, but hold those in charge accountable. My first motion on the Commission will be to remove the failed City Manager and Deputy City Manager for their years of failing to keep our community safe.
    Support Bill Schack for City Commission.

  9. City leaders are out of touch or don’t choose to see and deal with while theyre going around saying how great we are. These increases certainly are not in line w their down town revitalization plans.

  10. Do we have the city commission to thank for this for inciting violence? Did painting controversial political messages on a public street misusing City resources help?

    We have made one change on the city Commission and hopefully there will be another change soon.

    A nationwide search needs to be conducted for a city manager and Deputy city manager.

    The mayor needs to quit pandering to his political base.

  11. But we will now send social workers out into the community and they will stop the violence. Ask Mayor Bowtie when that program will start.

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