LCS Elementary Principal Sends Text “Using Offensive Language and Racial Slur” to Colleagues

LCS Elementary Principal Sends Text “Using Offensive Language and Racial Slur” to Colleagues

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Jasmine Smith, the principal of Oak Ridge Elementary School, sent an inappropriate text message during a elementary school principal meeting on August 25th.

The message, which was sent to another elementary school principal, was inadvertently included in a thread with approximately 20 other LCS elementary principals.

The message from Ms. Smith, who is African American, stated: “Nigg** I Know you fuc* lying!

The news comes after a controversial Facebook post by Nikki Bradley, the assistant principal at the elementary school Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts.

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Bradley posted on Facebook before the start of school that for awhile now she felt like the “Ringmaster of the —-show” and requested that “someone come get the monkeys and all the circus friends.”

Bradley was demoted and reassigned after extensive media coverage of the post, which included comments from Tallahassee City Commissioners Dianne Williams-Cox and Curtis Richardson.

When contacted by Tallahassee Reports about Ms. Smith’s text message, LCS spokesperson Chris Petley provided the following statement:

Though intended as a private message, Principal Smith inadvertently sent a text to “group chat” of LCS elementary principals using offensive language and a racial slur. She was immediately issued a letter of reprimand from her supervisor and informed of further follow up from human resources once school was successfully opened.  

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Employee Relations Deana McAllister met with Principal Smith the week of September 8 and informed Mrs. Smith that she would be placed on administrative leave without pay for three days.

The language used in the text message was unacceptable and offensive to many. Principal Smith has apologized to her colleagues and staff.  

Tallahassee Reports was contacted by several people aware of the Smith text message who were concerned about the lack of media coverage of the incident when compared to coverage of the Bradley incident.

63 Responses to "LCS Elementary Principal Sends Text “Using Offensive Language and Racial Slur” to Colleagues"

  1. Why is there a handful of students in each class with old, slow computers? I thought all students were supposed to get new computers. All of their class work and homework is completed and submitted online. How are the students with old junk supposed to complete their assignments on time? Who’s responsible for this fiasco?

    1. It was an administrative hearing. All you need are the right connections. Don’t expect Solz to much more than a slap on the wrist.

  2. Racial..communication from anyBODY black or white in the School system is unprofessional & Smith should B..TERMINATED..PERIOD! surpose??to lead by a postive example..PERIOD! AND 2 know she WAS a School..Principal..Come on people,parents & teachers,School Superintendents..WRONG IS WRONG!! TERMINATION! She shouldnt B able to even Direct a school anyway with this type of language..PERIOD! Heck..Oakridge is 90% Black ..anyway.Bye Smith!!

  3. Thank Steve Stewart for publishing this or Rocky would have swept it under the carpet. Send Rocky and his over paid staff packing! Gregory and Nimmons, Curriculum and Technology paid over $100,000 each when students have not online curriculum and no technogy. Rocky and his self selected loosing team. Please vote Rocky OUT! Have to love the salary Rocky gave his buddy Scott Hansen. Unreal nepotism!

    Superintendent Rocky Hanna — $134,465

    Assistant Superintendent Michelle Gayle — $125,407

    Assistant Superintendent Alan Cox — $123,433

    Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Rodgers — $123,185

    Chief of Safety and Security John Hunkiar — $121,604

    Chief Financial Officer Kim Banks — $118,920

    Assistant Superintendent Gillian Gregory — $116,587

    Assistant Superintendent Deana McAllister — $112,204

    Director of Elementary Schools Sue Kraul — $109,094

    Director of Secondary Schools Scott Hansen — $106,384

    Director of Technology and Information Bill Nimmons — $102,422

    Director of Staff Development Shane Syfrett — $102,422

    Director of Purchasing June Kail — $98,738

    Director of Property Management Michael Moore — $96,557

    Director of Early Childhood Programs Brooke Brunner — $95,779

    Director of Food Services James Howcroft — $92,838

    Director of Construction Danny Allbritton — $91,920

    Director of Maintenance Alvin Watkins — $90,720

    Director of ESE Operations and Compliance Cathy Shields — $89,395

    Director of Payroll Deena Howell — $88,922

    Director of Code Enforcement, Compliance Rod McQueen — $86,912

    Director of Risk Management Services Janet Heath — $82,996

    Interim Director of Transportation James Cole — $81,252

    Director of Internal Auditing Livetra Paul — $80,501

    Director, Interdivisional Support Services Ricky Bell — $77,967

    Director of Benefits Pam Faulkner — $74,851

    Coordinator of School Choice Office Jamie Holleman — $73,920

    Coordinator of Title 1 Office Ashley Scott — $71,920

    Coordinator of Communications and Media Relations Chris Petley — $71,790

    Coordinator of Volunteer and Mentor Services Kelli Walker — $67,924

    Coordinator of Policy and Planning Marline Feliciano — $66,605

  4. OK, maybe we should try to apply MLK’s DREAM to this,( and a lot of other), situations? Let’s judge the action (words used) as an indication of the character of persons involved rather than their color of skin. Then, after that has been done, the supervisor would apply the correct punishment equally based on rules of conduct already in place! Think about it? Possible?

    1. Think about the text was on a district phone, one we the taxpayers pay for! Think about the comment from Mrs McCallister who speaks for Rocky “The language used in the text message was unacceptable and offensive to many”. Offensive to many? How about offensive to everyone! Unreal. Rocky and his staff of minions think this was offensive to many… Unreal!!! Offensive to everyone!

  5. The word monkey is not racial.A Monkey is an actual animal. People just use it in a derogatory way. Like Cracker, it’s a food. But it can be used in a derogatory way.

  6. She texted on her school district phone. She texted this, one can only imagine what she says to her teachers or how she intimidates them. Rocky again shows our community his double standard. By the way Rocky how many off color comments have you made? Hundreds! Rocky you are not a leader, you are a dark spot in the history of Leon County Schools. Check Rocky’s record, look at the comments in the affidavit when Rocky was sued for child support Read the comments that are in the report when Gwen Graham facilitated a pay-off to the teacher Rocky dated at his school when he was the principal, then bullied her into a transfer. Rocky, you live your life by No Standards!

    School board.. silent!

    1. Then you should not say it either – double standards. The word actually means black in several languages when used as a noun. When black people use the word it shows me that they are probably racists with a low IQ. You can do better!

  7. SO, Bradley, who is WHITE gets demoted and reassigned for using the word Monkey but Smith, who is BLACK, gets just a letter in her File and 3 Day off with out Pay for using the “N” WORD. If Bradley had used the “N” Word, SHE would have been fired so, Smith should be FIRED, after all, aren’t the Blacks demanding Equality?

  8. Even without the N word in there… Smith still cursed, saying “fu**ing lying”. Which is what Bradley did, “sh*t show”. I don’t think either should’ve been reprimanded but if you’re going to punish one, you should punish all. Otherwise it will be considered double standard. I personally do not feel either gave reference to racial slur. People find offense in everything. The N word is used as a term of endearment (like adding “my friend”) and it is very common to compare a circus and animals to crazy situations and people(monkeys are a close relative) that might be happening around you. If you look at a person’s comments and feel it is racist, please say something but also understand that it (hopefully) was not intended to be racist and have a conversation on how they can fix it. These are new times and our old language is not easy to break. It’s work in progress.

    1. Both women have displayed inappropriate actions where they should not be in any way be in charge of children.

      I believe the principal’s actions were more egregious and should be dismissed from her position immediately.

      I believe both women need to be given classes in the way they comport themselves.

  9. First of all I’m sure she didn’t spell nigger, but niggah which is a slang word amongst African Americans and never deemed as a racist word. White folks don’t say niggah, they say nigger which is a big difference. GTFOH

    1. You dun bumped your head. (Slang of course)
      Wrong is wrong. Don’t make excuses for her pathetic behavior.
      Neither display leadership.

  10. Had it been a White principal texting Redneck or Cracker then we wouldn’t even be concerned.
    But we are quick to forget and that in the district is Manny Joanos demonstration In an effort to make his point that employees can get into trouble without proper supervision, Joanos brought a stretch of rope to the meeting, and held it up and said the following: “Sometimes, if you give people too much rope they’ll hang themselves.”

    Therefore what’s the big deal.

  11. How is it that a black person said the word “n****” it’s labeled as a racial slur? When the person who said it is…black? She didn’t call anyone that, nor did she mean to send that to that group chat. Y’all are always coming for the black folk. Smh.

    1. Or people could speak like adults and use the proper English language. Especially when they are supposed to be educators. People want officers to be held to a higher standards; what about the people educating our youth.

  12. The Rocky Hanna Horror Show continues. Reverse Racism at its finest. If she were white she would have been fired but Rocky ain’t got the nads!

  13. Shake it off and lets move on. When you point your index finger at someone to condemn them watch out for the direction of your thumb.

  14. 1. principals are issued LCS cell phones, and since it went to a group of principals, it was likely on that phone.
    2. Employees have been warned that communication about anything school-related, especially on a school device is public record.
    3. If she was in a Principals meeting, she was likely referring to another employee speaking or to the person she sent it to.

  15. Was the language in question initially written using an LCS email account, LCS hardware, and/or transmitted across LCS network. If yes to any of these, first amendment rights are not protected, as per the LCS user agreement.

  16. Did I just see someone on this thread say that the word “monkey” has never been used as a racial slur??? You can’t be serious!!! No way!!! The ignorance of that statement requires just a little research and education in American history to prove that it has been for decades! Smh

  17. This is not a free speech issue, this is not a little indiscretion, this is profane racist behavior by a principal of a public school while on the job. She certainly should be fired but Rocky lacks the courage. Rocky lacks a lot of things.

  18. ‘No my circus, not my monkeys,’ which appears to be the root of the ‘poopshow’ comment, has never, to my knowledge been about race… it’s about chaos. Seriously, never in my life have I heard it used in a racial context. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine using the ‘n’ word without a racial context, irrespective of the user’s skin color.

    1. Nope… when someone uses vulgar language publicly and on grouped texting – orally or written – and this person is charged with the educating of children, she must go. Let’s move on to remove her from her position immediately; she is unfit to be a school Principal.

  19. Tallahasseereports this is just sad lol. This was a private matter for a reason. Why be upset over something sent privately that wasn’t directed at the students? I’m sorry fellow parents, but we can’t control the language educators decide to use out of the classroom.

    1. Respectfully, Heather… but the entire woke revolution is about controlling what anyone says anywhere. Try to keep up. The reality is, had this teacher been a person of lighter color… she would have already been fired, doxed and embarrassed on a national level, and likely had her house burned down by now.

  20. It’s ridiculous that you all made this news. She’s a black woman who can use that word if she pleases. If there is a “double standard” on who can and cannot use that word SO BE IT! What this woman has said in what was meant to be a private conversation should not be public in this fashion! It was clearly was a mistake, I’m 100% every teacher has made vulgar statements in private. As long as it wasn’t directed to students or posted publicly there shouldn’t even be discussion about why a black woman is saying the n-word.

    1. So its not wrong if a “black” person uses the “N” word?… just wrong if a person of lighter color uses the “N” word… FYI… that’s the very definition of racism.

      Just say’n

  21. Her job is to have children in her charge that is why it matters.

    There is a difference between judging and advocating to protect our children. I believe God wants us to advocate.

  22. Would just like to point out she worked under David Solz at Gilchrist. I am sure we will be hearing about something his other AP and his guidance counselor (now an AP) did soon enough. Not a professional group at all. When you train up assistant principals and other administrative staff under unethical leaders, this is what you get.

  23. If this does become a political liability issue to Rocky, which I doubt it will rise to that level, but if it does you can expect Rocky to fall back on his tried and proven bail out of promoting the potty mouth principal to a job out at the school board office on West Pensacola Street.
    You will never hear about her again and the incident will soon fade away.
    It has worked 100% of the time in the past and will work again as needed by Rocky.

    1. It is that serious!

      These teachers need to use correct language without vulgarity and I don’t care who they’re talking to!

      And they can knock off the cohabitating, foul language, etc.!!!

  24. As a person of color, even I can admit that this is pure “black privilege” A person of a lighter color would have been drawn-n-quartered by the woke wackos…

    What concerns me more is that this person is charged with “educating” our youth.

  25. Irrespective of what some may consider being offensive language, wouldn’t you think that the woman who professes to be a teacher would have written a structurally proper sentence? It should have been: “…I know you are fuc* lying!” And people of this intellectual caliber are teaching children?

  26. I don’t see how the school board or anybody else can discipline Someone for something in or on my personal device. I feel as if the comment pertaining to the ring leader could of meant so much more than anything racial. And as for Mrs. Smith comment it could have been towards anything, perhaps her husband said he was having an affair. Why are we so quick to judge people. The first amendment give people the freedom of speech let them do so.

  27. Wow… so a white administrator can simply claim she is the ring leader of a circus BEOFRE school started and without saying if she was referring to her family, friends, a specific situation…. and she is PERMANENTLY demoted and taken out of the school…

    But if you are a person of color… just a slap on the wrist for using a DEFINITE racial term, no demotion, and she stays where she is at.

    If I were the white admin, I would be lawyering up…

  28. If this had been a White principal, this town would have demanded their resignation. If it’s not ok for a White person to say, then it’s NOT OK for a black person to say. I’m sick of the double standards and labeling folks racist.

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