Carolyn Cummings Appears on Above the Fold to Discuss Leon County Commission Campaign

Carolyn Cummings Appears on Above the Fold to Discuss Leon County Commission Campaign

Leon County Commission candidate Carolyn Cummings appeared on Above the Fold with Tallahassee Reports Editor Steve Stewart on Tuesday to discuss her campaign. Cummings is running against Kelly Otte which will be decided on Nov. 3.

At the beginning of the episode, Cummings was asked about her position on the referendum on the 2020 ballot to fund a Children’s Services Council.

“I supported the Children’s Services Council before all the adverse effects of the pandemic, I continue to support it. It is an initiative that will be on the ballot in November and the citizens have to speak. The citizens have to support it or not support it. I believe that it will be supportive of our children if it passes, not just our children now but our children in the future as well,” she said.

Cummings was also asked if she thinks Leon County has a police brutality issue.

She commented, “I’ve never actually seen or witnessed any police brutality, I don’t remember receiving any reports about police brutality here in Leon County. I think we’ve always enjoyed the protection of the police and the sheriff’s department. And I think we want to continue to enjoy that.”

The candidate also brought up that she believes that now is a good time for dialogue between the community and law enforcement to address the issue of social justice.

“We have got to address the issue of social justice and I think we’re at a point where we can that holistically and we can do it intelligently and move forward,” she said.

Later in the episode, Cummings gave her thoughts on Leon County’s growth and development. She agrees that neighborhoods can sometimes be left out of the development plans but she thinks development is important for the County.

“What I would advocate for is the parties coming together,” she said. “We’ve got to bring developers and property owners and neighbors and neighborhoods together. We’re interested in maintaining the character of the neighborhoods, but we recognize that we have to grow, especially now that we are facing this economic downsize because of COVID-19. It’s affecting all of us.”

The rest of the interview is available here.

22 Responses to "Carolyn Cummings Appears on Above the Fold to Discuss Leon County Commission Campaign"

  1. Desloge can go to hell and so can Kelly Otte if they continue the development in the Northeast. Say NO to politicians that take thousands from developers and don’t serve us. They cannot take our property taxes and subsidize developers. It’s OUR money. We need sidewalks and a park. Not spending our money against ourselves to ruin our property value. Talk about a BAD INVESTMENT.

  2. Steve warned us to be prepared for these Democrat vs Democrat choices and to be prepared to use alternative methods of selecting the best candidate.
    Lets consider the “better looking” criteria and why it is important:
    An individual that maintains their body cares about themself is more likely to care about others (that translates to caring about you Mr. and Ms. Leon County voter).
    Based on observation Ms. Cummings is older than Ms. Otte yet Ms. Cummings clearly is very beautiful and appears to be much younger and much healthier than Ms. Otte.
    Now you are smart enough to figure out on your own why a person that does not maintain their body in a healthy manner may not care very much about what is best for Mr. and Ms. Leon County voter without me schooling you on that subject.
    So to wrap it up:
    Vote for Ms. Cummings if you want the better of the 2 candidates in office.

    1. From calling it a choice between the “lesser of two evils” to the “better of” two disappointments… AND, based on personal appearance no less.

      And we wonder why our government is a mess.


    2. That’s an absurdly stupid argument to not vote for someone. You can be fat and also be qualified for a job. If you’re going to make an argument not to vote for someone, why don’t you instead talk about the positions the candidates take on issues and why they’re different in that regard.

  3. Taxpayers should not be financing “non-profit” start-ups. The promises are rarely kept, the benchmarks are never reached, the intended recipients see only pennies on the dollar, and the tax dollar ask grows exponentially year-by-year.

    In the immoral words of the great Nancy Reagan… “Just Say No”

  4. “….now is a good time for dialogue between the community and law enforcement to address the issue of social justice.”

    Try this: Tell everyone (BLACKS INCLUDED) NOT to give a Cop a reason to put their hand on their Gun.

  5. My take on the CSC. If you want to support it, open your wallet and write the damn check yourself. Don’t steal from people to essentially launder money to the people who support you, which we all know will happen.

    I guess the problem with having people that would be worth voting for is that they don’t want to run, not that I could blame them. I sure don’t.

    1. For almost 20 years our local government and elected officials have created and fostered a patronage of lobbyists and non profits that have ensured a continued elitist minded power structure.

      Consider this: we have non-profits joined at the hip to elected leaders in the forms of committees, commissions, and councils. Who makes up the members of these unelected entities? Easy, campaign contributors, lobbyists, relatives of lobbyists, relatives of elected officials and senior staff, non profit board members and staff.

      Check the bios of any elected official. You will see that they are a member, advisor, consultant etc., of The League of……, The Chamber of …., the …..Association, the council on…. You name it. Look at the makeup of other members and staff. It is a happy and tight group.

      Being a politician in the association of these groups gives you:
      1. An assured vote, hundreds if not thousands of them,
      2. Social buzz, support and campaign volunteers
      3. Campaign cash
      4. A firm place in the elitist club.

      Being one of the associations or lobbyists assures you of:
      1. The continuing redistribution of taxpayer dollars to your group
      2. Continued employment
      3. Easy lateral movement to peer organizations
      4. Inside information on the direction of taxpayer dollars.

      The results of funding these groups changes little for the people they are supposed to serve. Has anything gotten better or has it stayed about the same?

      This is an ugly game and we still keep voting for these people blindly. You know what you are going to get. Continuing redistribution in the name of justice and zero results.

  6. Lesser of Two Evils so she has my vote but that’s hardly a ringing endorsement ..just shows how awful the other candidate is

  7. So… she doesn’t believe that there’s systemic racism, but believes now is the time to talk about it.

    “I’ve never actually seen or witnessed any police brutality…”


    “We have got to address the issue of social justice…”

    Just more proof that there is no systemic racism… just the systemic exploitation of the lie.

    … I’ll pass

  8. Anyone else qualified to become the next seat warmer? Is this the BEST candidate? Empty barrel and nothing of substance from her SPIEL to convince me to give her my VOTE! In fact her weak position on CSC nailed that coffin!

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