Superintendent Candidate Pam Hightower Appears on Above the Fold to Discuss Upcoming Election

Superintendent Candidate Pam Hightower Appears on Above the Fold to Discuss Upcoming Election

This past Tuesday, Leon County Superintendent candidate Dr. Pam Hightower appeared on Above the Fold, hosted by Tallahassee Reports Editor Steve Stewart. During the interview, Hightower discussed her professional background, top priorities and her opinion on incumbent Superintendent Rocky Hanna’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The discussion began with Hightower recounting her experience in the education field, having worked as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, primary specialist and district-level administrator, including time as a Title I director where she worked with D and F schools.

“I was able to work with wonderful teachers and staff,” she said. “We were able to turn those schools around with the help of some great teachers and administrators from D to a C, and Pineview from an F to a C.”

Hightower claimed that they “didn’t change the children, we just changed what we did with them” through the use of research-based programs that “made them believe in themselves.” Her team also recruited mentors from FSU and FAMU.

“It does take a village,” she said.

The candidate was then asked what made her decide to run for office, to which she replied, “I’m running because I want every child, regardless of their zip code, socioeconomic status or ethnicity to have a high-quality education.”

She also mentioned how her experience as an educator and “boots on the ground” approach to administration makes her an ideal choice for the school board position.

“I am an instructional leader,” she said. “I have been in the classroom. I’ve talked with custodians…the maintenance department, the painters. I see that there’s a need for change. I hear that there’s a need for change.”

On her top priorities as superintendent, Hightower listed the implementation of measures dedicated to school safety, support resources, closing the achievement gap, increasing the graduation rate and increased communication between the school board and their constituents.

When asked what sets her apart from incumbent Superintendent Rocky Hanna, Hightower identified the response to the COVID-19 pandemic as a major issue, particularly the fact that teachers were forced to return to brick and mortar schools.

“We lost a lot of teachers. Because of health issues, they could not come back to school,” she said. “We still have 24 vacant classrooms that don’t have teachers.”

Finally, Hightower also established her support of reinstating the school choice program in Leon County, in which families can decide what schools to send their children to as long as they provide their own transportation and there is space available.

“We’re dealing with real humans and real situations,” she said.

The Superintendents race will be decided on Nov. 3. The rest of the interview is available here.

12 Responses to "Superintendent Candidate Pam Hightower Appears on Above the Fold to Discuss Upcoming Election"

  1. My 5 Grandkids went to Caroline Brevard under Dr Hightower, I knew back then, she would make a good Superintendent, she was ALWAYS knowledgeable about Leon County Schools,never talked down to Parents and cared dearly for the kids. I love your pictures Dr.and you have my vote…Ms. Johnetta Asbey Greene

    1. So your vote goes to man that admitted falsifying information to state and federal authorities costing taxpayers over $600,000.

      Your voting for a man that dated and bullied teachers as Principal if Leon High?

      Your voting for a man that fathered a child but hid from child support for 10 years until sued?

  2. Dr. Hightower is an amazing choice for Superintendent of schools. Her ability to turn schools into high performing institutions is unparalleled. She has a proven track record from Kilearn Lakes to Bond Elementary encompassing schools in every learning community in the district . N,S, E and west. If given full authority she will turn LCPS into an A+ school district. She has a heart for children and the compassion and leadership teachers are searching for in this moment. Vote Dr. Pam Hightower Nov 3rd.

  3. The smartest vote anyone can make in this or any election at any level, is to vote for candidates who support “School Choice”… period.

    Parents deserve a better option, and our children deserve a better education… our future depends on it.

  4. These are our choices for a 70% plus socialist county. It’s just the reality of the situation. Choose your poison if you have kids. I for one can never vote for the anti-second amendment Hannah among a host of other personal and professionally despicable things he has done. Don’t forget what that clown did after what that killer did at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

  5. I’d vote for Jeffrey Dahmer before I voted for that reprobate, Rocky Hannah. But I don’t know why Mrs. Hightower thinks the teachers are so wonderful, they went from a D to a C and an F to a C. So they went from failing and unacceptable to barely passing. That’s not wonderful… that’s the reason very few people that live in Indian Head Acres send their kids to Hartsfield.

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