Weekly Report on Leon County COVID Cases Shows Declining Trends

Weekly Report on Leon County COVID Cases Shows Declining Trends

TR’s weekly report (September 21-27th) on Leon County COVID cases, hospitalizations, and testing positivity rates shows declines in all three categories.

TR’s September 20th weekly report can be reviewed here.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID cases declined from 130 on September 20th to 78 cases on September 27th, a 40% drop.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID hospitalizations declined from 57 on September 20th to 48 cases on September 27th, a 15.8% drop.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow line) COVID positivity rate declined from 8.21% on September 20th to 4.88% on September 27th, a 40.6% drop.

9 Responses to "Weekly Report on Leon County COVID Cases Shows Declining Trends"

  1. Yep, the liberals only know how to argue with fear mongering. “If you don’t want to wear a mask you want people to die!” Let’s forget the fact that the majority of these “masks” being worn are paper/cloth masks that STATE ON THE PACKAGING they don’t stop the covid-19 virus. Other studies have shown that bananas and gaiters actually break the droplets down into smaller droplets and spread it WORSE. Oh and people are wearing the same masks for weeks that are not sanitary and cause breathing problems for the wearers.

    Liberals always say “if you don’t want to wear a mask you can just stay home!” Well guess what, if you’re not comfortable being around people without masks YOU are welcome to stay home. Don’t worry though, keep feeling safe knowing that covid is such an intelligent virus that it can’t spread while wearing a mask during the 5 to 10 for walk from the restaurant door to the table but it goes in hiding when you take the mask off at the table…

  2. What a hardship the end of liberty! Wearing a mask in public, what’s wrong with you morons the u.s now has over 205,000 deaths in less than 7 months. Soon we will be surpassing the total deaths lost in world war 2. You anti mask people are selfish, irresponsible, and ignorant. Not only should their be a state mask mandate, but also a $1,500.00 fine to boot. One thing this pandemic crisis has shown is how many stupid jackasses live in our community.

    1. Hi Doug, I’m sorry to say that “end of liberty” really is a hardship. It’s ok if you want to wear a mask. I only wear a mask because of liberal communistic dictators put out orders that we have to wear the masks and it is now almost impossible to buy food or go into any business in Tallahassee without a mask. So sad our liberty is being stripped because of fearful liberals. Maybe growing a pair would help you to understand…

  3. With all of this good news and our commissioners are talking about imposing a 10 person crowd limit and encouraging people to report any witnessed violations of that limit? The very 1st amendment to the United States Constitution ensures the right to assemble unless that assembly presents a clear and present danger. The death rate currently from Covid 19 does not indicate a clear and present danger. We kill more babies every day in the name of female pro-choice than Covid 19 kills. Average of 3000 lives aborted every day and why? Is there no other form of birth control or any morality that encourages abstinence? And this encouraging citizens to report neighbors and family for gather in groups greater than 10 people? I believe we have seen this “if you see it, report it” back in the holocaust in Nazi Germany. Is this really the way that we in Leon County Florida want to live, under a dictatorial regime that demands submission to always mask up, robs us of our God given right to assemble and encourages people to turn in those that don’t comply? No one in a free country has anything close to the authority to rob the citizens that elected them of these freedoms. Wake up and smell the totalitarianism.

  4. No worries, no matter how many times you post up factual analytical evidence that things are getting better, we will be forced to wear masks the rest of 2020.

    I visited Georgia this weekend and forgot what it was like to be normal and go somewhere that did not require a mask. Maybe I can have that feeling here in Leon County in 2021.

      1. Whatever happened to self responsibility and not government responsibility to provide protection?

        I personally don’t want government to tell me how I should act to protect myself. I can figure that out myself.

        1. They should get rid of the stupid seatbelt mandates too. Only 38,800 died in traffic accidents las year in the US, yet I have to feel constricted every time I get in my car. Why should the government force me to protect myself?

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