New FSU Football Guidelines Include Masks for All Fans, Negative COVID Tests for Students

New FSU Football Guidelines Include Masks for All Fans, Negative COVID Tests for Students

Last week, Florida State University announced new guidelines for students and fans attending home football games after receiving backlash from the season opener against Georgia Tech where many fans were seen not wearing masks or properly social distancing.


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The new policies that will be enforced on game days state that any fan who is not wearing a mask will be asked to put one on or leave the event, students must sit in seats with a “Sit Here” decal on it and tailgates are still prohibited.

The new policy also changes the student football ticket procedures by requiring students to test negative for COVID-19 during the week before each football home game before being eligible for a ticket. Students who do not get tested during the week prior or who receive a positive COVID test result will not receive a ticket. Students who already have a positive COVID test result on file with the University but are no longer positive are not required to get tested again to be eligible for a student ticket.

The new guidelines came from Director of Athletics David Coburn, and they will go into effect immediately, beginning with the Florida State-Jacksonville State game on Oct. 3.

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  1. The only thing I don’t understand is why it goes into effect October 3rd. If you’re going to have guidelines, why wait a month?

  2. The Covidiots that pretend to be “leaders” at our Universities and Capital District never cease to amaze. They just can’t help themselves from perpetuating this plandemic. It’s a broken record but bears repeating by those few of us remaining sane people. Despite the invincible ignorance of most folks in this Capital District, there is zero real scientific evidence that masks work and that asymptomatic “cases” transmit this virus. It’s primary vector is fecal/oral hence over 40% of deaths in Florida are from hospital/nursing home settings. 94% of deaths had at least 2 or more co-morbidities. This virus is over 99% recoverable for everyone and darn near 100% recoverable for those under 25. Any clown that believes the panic porn of “cases” with no correlation to hospitalizations and deaths needs to stay home permanently and lock themselves in their rooms. Word is that boosters are furious with Floriduh State and Thrasher. One can only hope that donations are plummeting. We shall see.

  3. Isn’t “requiring” people to divulge their personal medical records, as a condition, a violation of HIPAA?

    Will they also require students to divulge their personal medical records regarding HIV, STDs, HPV, or any other communicable disease?

  4. No problem – Based on the outcome of the last couple of games, I think all FSU fans in attendance will be wearing brown bags over our heads.

    1. A poor product on the field and requiring people to sit in the sun with their breathing restricted for 4 hours is sure way to win points with your fan base…

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