POLITICO Florida Reporter Writes Trump Gave “Shoutout” to Racist Group

POLITICO Florida Reporter Writes Trump Gave “Shoutout” to Racist Group

Matt Dixon, a reporter for Politico-Florida, in an article addressing the Trump-Biden debate, wrote that Trump gave a “shoutout” to a far-right hate group despite evidence to the contrary.

Dixon, who has been a reporter with POLITICO – Florida for over six years, chose the word “shoutout” to characterize statements made by Trump related to a question about racism during the first Trump-Biden debate.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “shoutout” as “a public expression of greeting, praise, or acknowledgement directed toward a person or group….”

In the article titled, “Trump’s Proud Boy moment sparks Black outrage in Florida”, Dixon wrote in the first paragraph:

President Donald Trump’s shoutout to the far-right hate group Proud Boys is energizing black voters to turn out against him in the must-win state of Florida.

The wording implies that Trump initiated statements supporting the Proud Boys group.

But in fact, according to the transcript of the debate, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is the one who first mentioned “Proud Boys.” Trump responded to Biden’s comments.

This is not mentioned in the Politico article.

Dixon also wrote that “Trump stood on the debate stage in Cleveland and ordered the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by,” creating a sense of urgency and outrage that could work in Biden’s favor.”

Dixon’s statement failed to detail the context of the exchange at the debate which included back and forth between Trump, Biden and debate moderator Chris Wallace.

The article was highlighted in the Politico-Florida Playbook newsletter which is produced and edited by journalist Gary Fineout.

17 Responses to "POLITICO Florida Reporter Writes Trump Gave “Shoutout” to Racist Group"

  1. That founder of the “Proud Boys” is a might tad more melanin rich & Hispanical/Latin for an alleged “white supremist” as Pelosi pronounces it. Apparently, none of them had/have a clue.

    Oh, but I heard this great happy rap, today, by Miles Guo, against slavers & power-mad abusers: “Take Down CCP”, based on a popular tune with a catchy rhythm.

    And president Trump is out of the hospital & back at home & work. Got a kick out of the leftist media reach: “How dare take off his medmask when he got home!”

  2. This may be a bit archaic but when I was in school, “racisim” was introduced as a topic with a two pronged definition: The belief that one genetic line of humans is superior, and based on that superiority, anyone not of that race can be subordinated or eliminated.
    It gave racists the pseudo-moral high ground to justify slavery and the holocaust.
    The casual use of the term racist gets thrown around pretty casually these days but the “Proud Boys” are not that, the “3%” are not that, Conservatives are not that, and President DJT is not that.

  3. Dixon is NOT a Reporter. Reporters do NOT Lie, he is pretty much just a Blogger. Bloggers don’t research. When Wallace pressed Trump if he would right now denounce them, Trump said “YES Of Course” then he said for them to Stand Down and Stand By. From what I have seen in the past is, the “Proud Boys” will hold a peaceful protest until they are provoked. The question I want to hear asked of Biden is, will he denounce the BLM?

  4. > Dixon’s statement failed to detail the context of the exchange at the debate which included back and forth between Trump, Biden and debate moderator Chris Wallace.

    What possible context could surround a situation wherein someone would say ‘stand down and stand by’ to the Proud Boys? I mean, there was plenty of space, here, to define the context to make it a reasonable thing to do. Why not spell it out? Don’t leave us in mystery!

    In what universe is simply having a back and forth somehow justifiable ‘context’, I mean, I suppose it is slightly better than having the President rambling up to random street vendors and telling them to stand down and stand by, but only barely.

    The debate was a total embarrassment all the way around. Trump is too much of a malevolent toddler to sit down and shut up; if he could have kept his mouth shut, it would have made Biden look so much worse. But he couldn’t.

    He couldn’t keep his mouth shut when he had to tell the world that there were ‘very good people’ on both sides of protests in Charlottesville wherein Klu Klux Klan members strode with torches. It was so easy *not to say that*, because it wasn’t true, but he couldn’t say that, *because he knows his base is largely comprised of racists*. Most people reading this know it also!

    He couldn’t keep his mouth shut when throwing red meat to his retarded base about the proportion of Mexican immigrants that are rapists or drug dealers. Why? Because he knows his racist base *loves to hear that*. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut when he promised to release his taxes, that Mexico would pay for the wall, or that he was going to “Lock Hillary Up!” (how’s that going?) Why say these things that are so evidently not true, or not going to be true? It’s because he knows his base, the people who will vote for him, are either too stupid to realize they’ve been lied to consistently, or too enamored with his race baiting that nothing else matters.

    Remember when he said we had COVID under control? That it would go away? That we’d be open for Easter? Remember when the President made fun of Biden for wearing a mask, and then WENT TO THE HOSPITAL THREE DAYS LATER? Talk about aging like milk. The dude is wrong about everything, but there must be some “hidden context” that didn’t get reported; context the fearless reporters of Tallahassee reports also somehow failed to elucidate. Get a clue.

    I mean, I get it. You want to pretend there is some reason why Trump said, ‘stand down and stand up’ to a bunch of hillbilly paramilitary morons; it is a mechanism to justify voting for a racist bully. “The context of the statement isn’t provided by a Politico report!”

    But there is no context other than to tell racists and misogynists that he is their guy. Everyone saw it with their own two eyes. The blind spot of anyone who thinks otherwise could blot out the sun.

      1. Great point, Hope! Amazing insight!

        Hey, remember the time that Trump said he was going to have a health care plan? He said it for like three years; it turns out what he had was an executive order saying that Republican’s would protect people with pre-existing conditions. (?) That was the most universally liked prong of Obamacare though. Remember that?

        Remember when Trump was going to have “Infrastructure week”? I do! I’m sure it’s coming up real soon. Just around the corner, I bet.

        You are being lied to, daily, by Trump, and you continue to slop it up. Why?

        1. BlahBlahBlah, we hate Trump; we hate America, WhaaWhaaWhaa, we don’t want to work; give us free stuff, BlahBlahBlah, let us smoke weed; hand me more Doritos, WhaaWhaaWhaa, cut-n-paste some more; earn another nickel, BlahBlahBlah…

          Who says .05 cents doesn’t buy much anymore…

          George, China, and the Demunist Party

        2. DeepState,

          I will pray that God opens your heart and blesses you with good judgment and that you may find peace and prosperity.

  5. Never mind the FACT that The Proud Boys is not a racist white supremacist group. It was founded by and is lead by a BLACK HISPANIC named Enrique Tarrio and the group accepts members of ALL races…period.

    The Left lies, that’s all it does. And on the topic of racism, The Left epitomizes the word ‘hypocrisy’ as it irresponsibly promotes and support the undeniably racist hate group ‘Black Lives Matter’, which is the black equivalent of The Knights of The Ku Klux Klan.
    FACTS are hard things.

  6. Trump didn’t even know who The Proud Boys were. Just as Biden was the first to interrupt three times on the second question, he was also the first to bring up The Proud Boys.

  7. The New Demunist Party and their Media and Social Media PACs like Facebook, Instascam, and Twidiot have made abundantly clear – in no uncertain terms – their complete and utter contempt and disdain for America, Her Citizens, and all that We stand for.

    The Demunists desperation to regain power and destroy our Republic knows no boundaries and carries no empathy for the innocent… particularly children and the elderly. And their Media PACs are complicit in their conspiratorial, hypocritical, malicious, seditious, and treasonous acts. Their hatred for this Great Nation and Her people has been on display for all the world to see for decades, and in its most transparent form over these past few years.

    The never-ceasing blatant and brazen lies, falsehoods, false narratives, misery, censorship, and hatred being propagated by the Media PACs, social media conglomerates, google, yahoo, Facebook, Twidiot, et al… is remarkable and borders psychotic, and the damage they’ve caused many a malleable young mind is criminal if not treasonous. The Demunists and their Media and Social Media PACs have indeed become an enemy of the people and of our Great Nation.

    1. Hmmm… I don’t remember Trump speaking at the funeral of the Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, but the memory of Biden doing so is rather fresh in our minds.

      Many times good reporters make terrible and even career-ending decisions and this may be true for Gary Finite and Chris Wallace.

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