COVID Zip Code Report for Week Ending October 10th

COVID Zip Code Report for Week Ending October 10th

The graph below shows the change in new COVID cases over a eight week period for Leon County’s major zip codes.


  • Zip code 32304 reported the most cases (70) last week.
  • Three zip codes (32301, 32303, 32304) reported over 50 cases last week.
  • Seven zip codes reported more cases than last week.
  • Three zip codes (32304, 32308, 32310) have experienced a decline in the number of cases during each of the last 3 weeks.

4 Responses to "COVID Zip Code Report for Week Ending October 10th"

  1. I suggest our dear Capital District Kommissars visit and look specifically at the mask charts. For those gripped with invincible ignorance and addicted to panic porn, once again, masks. do. not. work. A recent study from Oxford found that the primary transmission of Covid is fecal/oral. We’ve known this since March. Even the New England Journal of Medicine acknowledged in a May article that masks are nothing but Talismans for the public. How appropriate for October that we are simply practicing and believing in Witchcraft. The CDC in it’s September 11th MMWR shows that 85% of COVID-19 patients report ‘always’ or ‘often’ wearing a mask. I wished that masks worked so we could just reopen everything with no restrictions other than a mask. If masks worked then we would have been masking up for decades because of the annual killer flu. But sadly 65% of you out there will always obey any clown in a white coat screaming the panic porn on the enemedia channels you love so much.

  2. While every relative measure continues to track downward, the Demunist Party and their Media PACs continue to push their panic p0rn. The impacts of the China Bio-Weapon flu has nothing to do with America’s health, and everything to do with America’s destruction.

    For the Demunists and their Media PACs, it’s all about power, not people. May God continue to bless and protect us all.

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