House Candidate Allison Tant Discusses Campaign

House Candidate Allison Tant Discusses Campaign

Florida House candidate Allison Tant appeared on Above the Fold with Tallahassee Reports Editor Steve Stewart on Sept. 29. Tant, a Democrat, is running against Republican Jim Kallinger for the House District 9 seat.

Tant formerly chaired the Florida Democratic Party. She is also a disability rights advocate, and she recently helped launch Independence Landing, a residential community for adults with developmental disabilities located in Tallahassee.

Tant said working on Independence Landing and seeing how disabilities impacted families helped her decide to run for office.

If she wins, Tant will be a Democrat in a majority-Republican legislature. She said she will work with “anybody and everybody” to get things done.

“I’m going to work across the aisle,” she said. “I’m going to operate a lot like you’ve seen Senator Montford operate, because what’s going to matter to me is getting things done for this community.”

She said her priorities would be fiscal responsibility, healthcare and community resiliency during events like hurricanes.

Later in the interview, Tant gave her thoughts on current issues. She expressed support for Governor Ron DeSantis’ executive order moving the state into Phase 3 of the COVID reopening plan.

“The only way that we’re going to be able to get our economy back together is through consumer confidence,” she said. “If you and I know that we can walk into a place of business, conduct our business safely and leave that business without getting COVID, we’re going to go conduct that business, and we’re going to do it in large numbers.”

“Wearing a mask, in my view, is an easy way to say, ‘I want to heal my economy,’” she said.

She also discussed Amendment 2, the $15 minimum wage initiative on the ballot, and said she is voting for it.

“I think it’s not a cut and dry issue,” she noted. “The voters are going to vote on it, and I’m going to be respectful whatever they vote on it.”

The rest of the interview is available here.

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  1. I am a subscriber to the print version of TR. It’s a great value and biweekly mailbox analog joy, and I heartily recommend it. In the print print version of this story I received yesterday, reporter Pitzen says Ms. Tant will work “across the isle” to accomplish her goals, now, I suppose, that the panhandle has separated from the U.S. mainland. The print story headline says she “pedges” to do this. See what you digital people are missing?

    1. We are working on the editing of our print edition as we try to get more information to our subscribers. Thanks for your patience. Steve Stewart

  2. Her calling from the maker is to help the disabled.
    She is very good at that.
    Politics will diminish her effectiveness in doing what she was ment to do.

  3. I’d vote for her if she was running for House stripper, she ain’t a bad lookin gal. But there is no way on gods green earth I’d give her the peoples check book.

    No way Jose’.

  4. What ever credibility she may have established in the discussion about wearing the mask being a positive for the business economy evaporated with the support of the $15 per hour minimum wage which may be the most blatant admission of business ignorance ever uttered.

  5. I just filled out the Sample Ballot I got in the Mail to use as reference when I go Vote IN PERSON and for the First TIME since I started Voting, I am Voting ALL Republican. Usually it’s half and half but this time, it’s all Republican. Not Counting the Commission Races.

  6. Isn’t this the same Allison Tant who worked behind the scenes (via emails) with the City Commissioners to be sure they appointed/selected a democrat female of color (Bryant) to fill the seat vacated by Maddox?… thus leading to Bryant subsequently being correctly tagged with the “insider business as usual” label, thus leading to her demise in the Primary Election?

    … I’ll pass

  7. Allison Tant cultivated and looked the other way at corruption. Her family benefited from citizens contributions to Andrew Gillum in the form of legal fees paid to her husband. How much more dysfunctional can it get?

    Most recently when two candidates were debating Democratic party operatives were acting out and were vile towards the Conservative candidate. Allison Tant did nothing as she has cultivated a hostile Democratic party environment that is no longer needed in Leon County.

    Did she call out Scott Maddox, Andrew Gillum, and numerous other corrupt activities that Democrat elected officials were participating in? No, she defended it and prospered by monetary gain from it!

    Vote Jim Kallinger State House!

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