High School Playmakers: Lent, Fisher, Louis

High School Playmakers: Lent, Fisher, Louis

There are a lot of student-athletes in Leon County that fit the criteria of a high school playmaker. Here are three of Leon County’s best playmakers.

First, we have Brooke Lent. Lent is a member of Chile’s high school’s volleyball team and is the 68th ranked right hitter in Florida. Lent currently is tied for second in the district in kill shots with 59 behind only Cailin Demps. Last year, as a sophomore, Lent played 97 sets and recorded 202 kills. Through only 20 sets this season, Lent is on pace to surpass the 202 she earned last year.

Hitting percentage is calculated by totaling kills, subtracting the hitting errors, then dividing that number by the total number of attempts. Lent is also second in the district in overall hit percentage with a 31 percent hit percentage, improving on a 29 percent hit percentage she recorded as a sophomore.

These stats and the improvements that Lent have made makes her an high school playmaker to watch for in the future.

The next student-athlete that I will highlight is Perry Fisher, a junior quarterback from Lincoln high school. In his latest game against Chiles High School Fisher was all over the field making play after play. As he led the team to a 37-13 win, Fisher threw a 76 yard touchdown pass, a 59 yard touchdown, and a 53 yard touchdown pass.

In addition, Fisher scrambled for 30 yards leading to a 1 yard touchdown run. Also, he scrambled for 40 yards, juking defender after defender in the process. Even in his first game, which was a loss, Fisher excelled. Fisher scrambled to the right sideline, all the way back to the left sideline to run for an 8 yard touchdown, breaking four tackles in the process.

As a 6’3 175 pound junior, Fisher is someone that I think, with a little exposure, can be one of Florida’s top ranked players. Fisher is definitely a athlete you should look out for, as his team takes on Leon High School in their next game.

Last, but not least, Khori Louis is a senior and a captain of Florida State University High School’s volleyball team. As a middle blocker, Louis is third in the 3A district in kill shots and she leads the district in total blocks at 55. However, her most impressive stat is her 50 percent hit percentage leading the district by a wide margin with the second place leader at 30 percent.

Louis has been doing it big for years, in the 2019-2020 season Louis ended the season with 279 kills, 107 blocks, and a 54 hit percentage. She was ranked the 11th best middle blocker in Florida and 72nd in the nation.

Louis is currently the 40th ranked senior middle blocker in the state of Florida and 355th in the nation. If she continues to play well, you can expect to see those rankings geto even higher.

Brooke Lent, Perry Fisher, and Khori Louis are all Leon High School playmakers.

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  1. Good stuff. Congrats to these young adults. Stay committed and focused on your studies and talents, and you’ll succeed with both.

    Stay with it and on it… we’re counting on you.

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