CSC Administrative Costs Could be Between $480K and $1.2 Mill

CSC Administrative Costs Could be Between $480K and $1.2 Mill

One of the concerns voiced by opponents of the creation of a Children Services Council (CSC) in Leon County is administrative costs.

Advocates for the CSC have stated that the administrative costs will run between 6-12% of all expenses and that the costs will be far less than the benefits of the children services programs.

The annual expenses of a Leon County CSC is expected to be approximately $8 million. Based on the 6-12% estimate, administrative costs would be approximately $480,000 to $960,000.

How do these administrative expenses compare to other Florida CSC’s?

The St. Lucie County CSC, with total expenses of $11.8 million reported $1.8 million in personnel and operating expenses. This is approximately 15.2% of total expenses.

The Martin County CSC, with total expenses of $13.3 million reported $1.2 million in personnel and operating expenses. This is approximately 9% of total expenses.

Based on these numbers, it would appear that the administrative costs for a Leon County CSC could be as low $480,000 and as high as $1.2 million and still be deemed as acceptable by CSC advocates.

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  1. Leon County residents have only themselves to blame. The Commissioners love raising taxes, raising their salaries while simultaneously reducing their work schedule to once a month. Until the voters’ stop electing liberals to office, you can only expect more and more taxes and growth of government. Tallahassee wasn’t this way in 1970. What happened? Remember, it was our elected local officials that just a couple of years ago thought keeping the community swimming pool opened would reduce crime. For all of us that take care of ourselves and family, expect less take home pay because the commissioners will redistribute your wealth to others. Not once have I heard a Liberal politician talk about personal responsibility. Not once have I heard a Liberal politician talk about getting tough on crime-no way…liberals want criminals to get at least 6 get out of jail cards before there is an penalty.

  2. This also does not take into account the administrative costs for those agencies who will receive the money and unless the contract is specific with a cap on these costs more likely than not an additional 10-15% will need to be added to the total administrative costs. I can assure you there are agencies in this community who are setting themselves up to go after this money in order to increase their admin costs and in turn increase executive salaries. There are local non-profits where the CEO and executive staff combined make over $1 million in salaries alone.

  3. Parents or the people having children – big difference – should take responsibility for the children they have. Nothing will change until people stop having children that they can’t afford to raise. “Single parent” of multiple children use our tax dollars to raise their children and unfortunately the cycle keeps repeating itself.
    The current services need to be evaluated and replaced if shown to be ineffective. Throwing more money at the problem does nothing but add expenses to the citizens that are burdened paying for other peoples children.
    Once a tax is added it NEVER goes away!

  4. There are existing children service programs funded by Tallahassee and Leon County. Those programs need to be evaluated with the failing programs cut and that money taken and put towards successful programs. I am voting “no”.

  5. Let’s see – $960,000 a year might support one $100,000 salary, two $80,000 a year salaries and ten $50,000 salaries totalling $760,000, indirect costs would add 20% or so to the direct salaries bringing the personnel cost to $910,000. The other $50,000 could go for office space, in-town travel, supplies, etc.

    I have no idea if the annual commitment to 13 or so employees is commensurate with the administrative needs for an undefined program. What exactly will these people will be doing?

    And how would the remaining $700,000,000 a year be spent? Will it go to outreach and guidance activities carried out by sub-contractors (who in turn have their own overhead)? Will it be used to play for food, books, laptops, etc, for young people in need? Where will the money go?

    I’m pro- helping out the young but anti- governmental boondoggle. Without a clear understanding of services and expenses, and the community benefits that might realistically be achieved, there is no way I would vote to approve.

  6. A juiced-up political committee raking in huge contributions in favor of a county property tax increase? Sounds shady.

    Also none of the money collected will benefit anyone until years from now. Meanwhile costs and taxes would go up during a shaky economy. Voting no on this

  7. And the question that remains unanswered: “What role and responsibility do the parents of the children have in accomplishing the stated goals of the CSC?”… and I’m not just talking about dropping them off and picking them up.

    Taxpayers should not be forced to fund nonprofit start-ups. What is needed is a full (independent) audit and accounting of all existing programs to determine which ones are effective and productive, and which ones are not. Followed by the elimination of those which are not effective and productive, and a consolidation of those that are. Then finally; a re-evaluating and reallocation of the available resources to the consolidated programs under a fully accountable and transparent governance model that constitutes continuous oversight and accountability.

    … carry on

  8. The $480K number is not likely, as attorney fees will probably be $200,000 (at least initially). The $1.2 million is a more accurate estimate.

  9. This is the way the Democrats manufacturer humanity.


    Thank you to all those who came forward and worked to enlighten and explain to people that this was not a good idea. Many citizens really stepped up and did an excellent job… and we thank you!

    Emily Fritz, Barney Bishop, and Jeremy Matlow! Kudos!!

  10. Maybe we can get Sean Pittman, Gary Yordon, and the local favorite team of Scott Maddox and Paige to work as highly paid Administrative Assistants!!!
    But Snidely we are going to need a highly paid trustworthy Administrator to lead those Administrative Assitstants…who oh who can we get????
    Relax your sphincters my local leftist Biden voters. John Morgan is backing the trustworthy local darling Andrew Gillum for the position. It’s gonna be like the good old days my local leftist Biden voters!!!
    Hey can we get former Mayor John Marks involved? Surely we can break Marks off a piece of this sweet sweet Children’s money too!!!

  11. There should be absolutely no allowance for management and administration. Let existing community based care agencies use every penny to enhance it’s programs and absorb it under their existing M and A expenses.

    1. Good suggestions; however, look who the cast of actors are bum rushing the taxpayers trough in the name of money, oops CHILDREN faux services. Huge salaries, nepotism, and thief beginning of another shameful saga that’s a becoming imagery for the City of Tallahassee, and Leon County.

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