Leon County Commission Chairman Bryan Desloge Discusses Campaign, Protests, Mask Mandate

Leon County Commission Chairman Bryan Desloge Discusses Campaign, Protests, Mask Mandate

On Oct. 13, Leon County Commission Chairman Bryan Desloge appeared on Above the Fold with Tallahassee Reports Editor Steve Stewart. Desloge is running for reelection to the County Commission District 4 seat.

Desloge was elected in 2006 and ran unopposed in 2008, 2012 and 2016. This year, he is running against Brian Welch, a teacher at Chiles High School.

At the beginning of the show, Desloge discussed what he sees as highlights from his term so far, including tightening the County’s budget.

“When I walked into Leon County in ’06, we had a proposed budget of $290 million,” he said. “This was 14 years ago. The budget we’re operating under today is about a $275 million budget. So, we are operating on a budget that’s smaller than when I walked in the door 14 years ago.”

He said Leon County has “one of the leanest and most efficient workforces in the state.”

Desloge also discussed recent controversial issues related to the County Commission, including Leon County’s response to social justice protests. He said as Chairman of the County Commission, he is the one who implemented curfews over the summer because of both protests and COVID-19 concerns.

“The most recent time, I got a letter from the Sheriff who asked us to put the curfew in place,” he said. “We expected a lot more escalation on that Saturday where the people were arrested. People criticized and said it was overuse of police power. I’m not going to apologize for the police doing their job and keeping us safe.”

Another controversial topic was the mask mandate. After Governor Ron DeSantis made an executive order to move the state into Phase 3 of the reopening plan, the Leon County Commissioners voted to stay in Phase 2 and uphold the mask mandate in Leon County. However, DeSantis’ executive order took away local governments’ power to fine citizens for noncompliance with mask mandates.

“We’re in a little bit of a conundrum in the fact that we have an ordinance that has no effective penalty,” Desloge said. “So it’s a mask mandate, and we’re asking people to continue to follow the mask mandate, but there is no penalty.”

Stewart also asked Desloge about his opinion on the Children’s Services Council. When the CSC was last on the ballot in 2018, Desloge did not support it. He said he plans to vote for the CSC this year, but he has concerns over the new tax and the lack of clarity surrounding how the money will be spent.

“I’m going to vote for it, but I have to tell you, I have lots of hesitation still,” he said.

The rest of the interview is available here.

15 Responses to "Leon County Commission Chairman Bryan Desloge Discusses Campaign, Protests, Mask Mandate"

  1. ““I’m going to vote for it, but I have to tell you, I have lots of hesitation still,” he said.” ……..just as long as that Check clears, RIGHT Brian?

  2. Brian D. Is concerned with what is in it for Brian D.
    Was a joke back in the day, and is still wearing the T shirt in 2020.
    For a capital city you all continue to vote in such idiots.
    As in liberal cities you get what you vote for.

  3. Brian Welch hopefully will get rid of Bryan Desloge, who has been a total errand boy for the Ghazvinis and developers. Jeff Vandermeer wrote a good op-ed in the old fish wrap Tallahassee Democrat about this this week (https://www.tallahassee.com/story/opinion/2020/10/17/desloge-servant-developers-not-residents-opinion/3670643001/).

    Desloge deserves every bit of criticism he has gotten from KHA and Killearn. What he has done with Welaunee is shameful.

  4. Hope Steve cleaned that mic after the Kommissar spewed his viral load over it without his face diaper on. Someone might die. Vote no on this despicable Kommissar and his CSC.

  5. Wow… did Desloge just pull a Kerry and a Pelosi on the same issue? “I’m going to vote for it, even though I don’t know what’s in it”… and… “I was against it before I was for it”

    “Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drome; Time for this one to [go] home”

    … say goodnight Tooter

  6. So, he was against the CSC before he was for it? Spoken like a true RINO. The CSC has always been a super bad idea so what has changed to get his vote? Could he be concerned that a democrat school teacher looking to make the $80K salary of a commissioner has come out in support of the CSC and Desloge has decided to be one of the sheep and follow and not the shepherd who leads?

  7. You can go ahead and vote for the CSC if you want to, but I am not going to vote for your narrow backside again. No way, Jose’.

  8. On the CSC he says “I’m gonna vote for it, but I still have concerns over a new tax and the lack of clarity how the money will be spent” and “I’m going to vote for it, but I have to tell you, I have lots of hesitation still,” Thats a true politician for ya folks… if you have concerns with it why the heck are ya votin for it??? Wouldnt it make sense to get your concerns answered before you commit $96,000,000. of taxpayer money? Vote No on the CSC while you still have a say in it….because once it passes we are all stuck with it…no matter what….and may as well vote Desloge out too…he’s been here long enough.

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