Scope and Objectives Set for Audit of TPD Use of Force Policy

Scope and Objectives Set for Audit of TPD Use of Force Policy

On Thursday, Oct. 14, the City Commission voted to approve the proposed scope and objectives of an audit of the Tallahassee Police Department’s use of force policy, General Order 60 – Response to Resistance.

At their Sept. 9 meeting, the City Commission called on the Inspector General to develop an audit of the use of force policy to help the City Commission and determine if the policy portrays the best practices of law enforcement for the current society at a later date.

In addition to the use of force policy audit, the Commissioners approved an evaluation of officer training. This audit will seek to determine if the training provided to TPD officers is sufficient in substance and frequency to reinforce the techniques, procedures and processes described in the use of force policy and ensure policy changes are accurate and timely.

The Inspector General’s scope of the use of force audit aims to identify the best practice of TPD’s law enforcement and determine consistency with modern policing standards. With background information and research to the General provided potential sources to adopt practices from which includes:

• New York University School of Law – Policing Project
• U.S. Department of Justice – National Institute of Justice
• U.S. Commission on Civil Rights – Police Use of Forces: An Examination of Modern Policing Practices
• International Association of Chiefs of Police – Critical Issues: Use of Force
• Police Use of Force Project
• National Police Foundation – Best Practices in Early Intervention System Implementation and Use in Law Enforcement Agencies
• Florida Police Chiefs Association – Report and Recommendations: Use of Force Policy and Related Issues

These sources, along with additional information, will be reviewed in detail to see what practices are appropriate.

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  1. Oh yeah, a police officer answers a mid night call involving a domestic dispute where the husband has been drinking all day and is beating up on his wife and threatening to kill the officer if he comes in the door, kids crying, and a bunch neighbors in the yard screaming at the officer to do something… Not a problem. The Inspector General has read all the source documents and supporting material and has issued a use of force policy that will tell the police office what level of force is appropriate. What could possibly go wrong.

  2. Here is my 2 cents. Tazzers, You have one, turn it up and USE IT at the first sign of Resisting.

    If the Suspect is Resisting hard, and fighting with the Officer, that Officer or another Officer then pulls their Gun and says, “THIS is from Joe” and shoots the Suspect in the Leg. If the Suspect is still fighting with the Officer, say” THIS is from Kamala” and shoot the Suspect in their other Leg.

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