Vice President Mike Pence to Hold MAGA Rally at Tallahassee International Airport

Vice President Mike Pence to Hold MAGA Rally at Tallahassee International Airport

As the general election continues to heat up with a record number of early voters and vote-by-mail ballots due to the pandemic, Vice President Mike Pence plans to visit Tallahassee this Saturday, Oct. 24 to hold a Make America Great Again rally. The rally will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Tallahassee International Airport.

Vice Presidential Communications Director Katie Miller announced Monday on Twitter that Pence would be visiting several states within the week and that he would be in both Tallahassee and Jacksonville this Saturday following President Trump’s three separate visits to the state this month. It was later updated that the Vice President would actually be in Lakeland instead of Jacksonville.

Those who attend will have to register, which comes with a disclaimer indicating that they understand and acknowledge that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place.

Also, officials will check everyone’s temperature and attendees will be provided masks and instructed to wear them.

Trump’s 2016 visit to Tallahassee attracted thousands of people to the Tallahassee Automobile Museum, an event that caused an overwhelming amount of traffic around U.S. 90 and the I-10 interchange.

5 Responses to "Vice President Mike Pence to Hold MAGA Rally at Tallahassee International Airport"

  1. Did anyone see Andrew Gillum and John Morgan there together wearing MAGA hats?
    I head they are both closet Trump supporters and great friends too.

  2. I can’t believe how many of our LOCAL Elected Officials are so STUPID to endorse Biden. They are ready and willing to sell out America. I don’t care what Party you are but, if you just Vote straight Party because that’s your Party then YOU are the problem and are too STUPID to be Voting. Voting for Biden proves that.

  3. There is no way to overestimate the level of butthurt this rally caused among our local leftist transplants.

  4. There is an outbreak of Covid among the VP’s staff so why did the rally go forward? Anyone who was close to Pence or his entourage should get tested.

  5. My five takeaways from the last debate:

    1. The moderator did a slightly better job than Wallace did at masking her clear bias. But her questions to President Trump were framed in a declarative and accusatory manner, while her questions to Dementia Joe were more in line with “which pudding flavor would your like for desert”

    2. As was the case at the first debate, the Biden campaign violated the rules and pre-staged notes at Dementia Joes podium. And as was the case at the first debate, when the debate ended, DJ just nonchalantly folded them up and shuffled off stage… BUT… this time he forgot a few, so you’ll see a staffer follow behind DJ and quickly grab the rest off of his podium.

    3. President Trump remained calm and in command of the facts… as Dementia Joe babbled aimlessly, lied incessantly, lost his train of thought on several occasions, and also lost his temper… appearing like a senile ol’ man standing on his porch in his bathrobe, and yelling at his mailbox to get off his lawn.

    4. Like the Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, et Al… Crime Families… the Dementia Joe Boden Crime Family has made a fortune by stealing from and selling out our Nation. Our enemies around the world OWN the Biden Family… and there’s no denying it anymore.

    5. And finally… if not most importantly… if we allow the Demunists to steal this election – or worse yet; willing give these treasonous criminals control of our Nation – then we deserve the destructive results of our ignorance.

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