Weekly Report: Leon COVID Trends All Down, Positivity Rate Below 3%

Weekly Report: Leon COVID Trends All Down, Positivity Rate Below 3%

TR’s weekly report (October 18-October 25) on Leon County COVID cases, hospitalizations, and testing positivity rates is detailed below.

TR’s October 18th weekly report can be reviewed here.

The weekly report, ending October 25th, shows a decline in all three measures when compared to the seven day average one week ago.

Of particular note, the positivity rate plummeted to below 3% driven by 6,100 tests reporting a positivity rate of 1.60% on Friday and Saturday.

Also of note, since Governor DeSantis announced a move to Phase 3 on September 26th, all trends have been headed down.

The Numbers

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID cases moved from 56 cases on October 18th to 50 cases on October 25th, a 10.7% decrease.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow-line) of reported COVID hospitalizations dropped from 42 on October 18th to 38 on October 25th, a 9.5% decrease.

The Leon County 7-day average (yellow line) COVID positivity rate changed from 4.26% on October 18th and 2.93% on October 25th, a 31.2% decrease.

The positivity rate has been below 5% for 28 consecutive days.

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8 Responses to "Weekly Report: Leon COVID Trends All Down, Positivity Rate Below 3%"

  1. NY Times has Leon County at 141 per 100,000 in the last seven days. Miami is at 140 per 100,000; so we are currently side by side with Miami, in the last week. Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear picture, as students aren’t getting tested, as they don’t want to quarantine. So, guessing some will leave for Thanksgiving, and spread it to their families, carelessly. Classes continue online after that, so thinking that’s a good thing, in some respects.

  2. If you could, please be consistent in posting the 7-day average positivity rate with whatever numbers that pertain to positivity tests so that we are not comparing apples to oranges.

    Thank you for posting the latest data as it is very much appreciated and is valuable to all in our community.

  3. The Leon County Commissioners are so full of themselves that they are convinced they are the smartest minds in the County if not the World. They are pushing the Biden/AOC liberal agenda no matter what the people who make the County work want. Don’t blame them, blame the voter that got them elected for destroying this once great Florida city.

  4. Our most vulnerable are still locked down in senior centers and nursing homes. We want to protect them, and I am sure it contributes to good numbers, but it is stressful for them and their families. We heard yesterday that the vaccine has been delayed because the public health officials did not want it’s release to look political – if that is true – the officials should be fired!
    Our seniors and health care workers need the vaccines ASAP – if they are ready, let’s go. Seniors want quality not just quantity of life.

  5. We escaped the Capital District this past weekend and had dinner at a local restaurant in Okaloosa County (no Face Diaper mandate). The experience was shockingly normal. No staff wore face diapers nor did any customers. Staff did not treat us like we were walking contagions. We were treated like human beings. SHOCKING!!! I can just hear some of the panic porn face diaper psychopaths, screaming foul and how dare we not go through the holy mandate of putting the face diaper on then taking it off once seated. Obviously we want to murder Mema and Papa. Don’t we care!!?? Clearly Covid is so smart it can tell not to attack us or others while seated unmasked. It clearly only attacks when you cannot anti-socially distance. That clever Covid, so sneaky.

    We fully expect to die soon for our grave sin of not wearing a face diaper and not practicing anti-social distancing.

  6. Why on Twitter is the report stating 10 Covid related deaths on both Saturday and Sunday? The report states these stats are from the DOH.

  7. For Friday and Saturday Leon county had a combine positivity rate of 1.6% from 6,200 tests. Rates this low have to be picking up some false positives to some degree.

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