Local PAC Supporting Children’s Services Council Receives $35,000 from Washington D.C. Group

Local PAC Supporting Children’s Services Council Receives $35,000 from Washington D.C. Group

Campaign records maintained by the Leon County Supervisor of Elections show that the Our Kids First political committee, which is supporting the November 3rd Children’s Service Council initiative, received $35,000 in contributions from a Washington D.C based 501(c)4 group.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a 501(c)4 is a social welfare group and can engage in advocacy and lobbying. A U.S. Supreme Court ruling allows businesses and unions to donate unlimited money to 501(c)4 groups. Donations to 501(c)4 groups are not tax-deductible, and donors are often not disclosed.

According to records, the Our Kids First political committee has raised approximately $135,000 through 189 donations.

Attorney Jon Moyle, an advocate for the CSC initiative, told TR that the Washington D.C. based group – Children’s Funding Project – “is a national nonpartisan organization supporting the democratic process in pursuit of local public funding for children and youth.”

Further research indicates that the Children’s Funding Project recently started a 501(c)4 group to provide financial support dedicated to children’s funds across the country. The fundraising group is called the “Children’s Funding Accelerator.”

Campaign records show that the Children’s Funding Accelerator donated $25,000 to Our Kids First on August 4th and $10,000 on October 13th.

Elizabeth Gaines, the Executive Director of the Children’s Funding Accelerator, told TR via email that “we were excited to learn about the work that Leon County residents have been doing over the last decade to plan, prepare and mount this campaign for a Children’s Services Council. We are a small new nonprofit, nonpartisan c4 that has formed to try and bring some support to such communities.”

When asked by TR, the group did not provide information about their donors.

9 Responses to "Local PAC Supporting Children’s Services Council Receives $35,000 from Washington D.C. Group"

  1. Breaking news: “Michael Moore warns Dems not to believe polls”

    Trump voters undercounted and so is the CSC poll taken by a Democratic party operative and means nothing.

    Vote NO to the CSC!!

  2. Of course the latest polling shows this CSC Boondoggle/Slush Fund paid for by Property Owners is going to pass by about a 70-30 margin ..That should surprise no one as most Leon County Voters have shown for years they have The IQ of a Blueberry Pop Tart by who they elect..I will be going undercover again investigating the corruption involving this fund around 2022-2023..Tally is good for keeping me employed and busy!!

  3. I don’t know why people here are upset? Money is speech. Corporations are people too. These are the principles that Republicans fought for up through the supreme court. Well, you got it. It is just so funny to see conservatives complain about something they insisted on once it did something they didn’t like.

    ‘I never thought leopards would eat MY face,’ sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.

    1. I don’t disagree with that sentiment. As we can all see now… money from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, et al… has been speaking quite loudly via the Biden Crime Family.

      Stealing from and selling out America has become quite profitable for the Demunists.

  4. “….CFP is the response to Elizabeth’s 25 year career in child advocacy that persistently led her to question whether adequate resources were being directed to children”

    Well Elizabeth, if you were on the ground here you would know we put a buttload of dollars into children’s services locally that are not getting the job done. Why, pray tell, are we throwing more money at this in addition to what can only be described as a current poor use of resources? So we can have more substandard resources?

    PS- What’s the take on handing out grants?

  5. Funny how quickly a quite profitable DC “non-profit” can pop up and seek to stick its dirty little fingers into our local pockets… Tony, POC, and Snidely are dead-nuts-on with their summations… this CSC operation has quickly turned from a challenged taxing endeavor, to a DC backed racketeering operation. Is the Biden Family name involved in this somehow?… will Hunter be on the Board?

  6. All local politics have been nationalized. Wake up, dark money flows easily to local Marxist/Socialist initiatives for which the CSC is an excellent vehicle for these efforts. Non-partisan my rear end. Just follow their money sources.

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