Jill Biden to Visit Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

Jill Biden to Visit Bethel Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. Jill Biden, the former second lady and wife of Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, is scheduled to visit Tallahassee on Sunday, Nov 1. She is scheduled to visit Bethel Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon. Specific times and locations were not immediately released by the Biden campaign.

Rev. R.B Holmes, the pastor of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, confirmed Biden’s visit during their organized march to the polls event on Sunday called Souls to the Polls.

As the Presidential campaign wraps up, Biden will campaign for her husband and rally supporters in Tallahassee, Orlando and Tampa during the last weekend before Tuesday’s election. The purpose of Dr. Biden’s trip to Florida is to remind citizens to vote since the last day to vote early in Florida is Sunday.

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  1. Not my President-only elected due to cheating Democrat officials. Appoint an Independent Prosecutor to investigate “the Big Guys” China dealings.

  2. Tallahassee Reports should send some of their junior apprentices that contribute by writing articals anonymously into the event.
    Could be some real gems to report on and capture on cell phone video.
    Have you got any, Steve, that can…oh how do you say in the PC way…blend in with the congregation?
    Or maybe we should rely on the fair and balanced non-Tallahassee Reports local news outlets?

  3. This election – and the future of our Republic – really boils down to these two simple and unimpeachable facts:

    ~ President Trump and VP Pence love America, and will do everything within their power to fight for and protect Her.

    ~ Corrupt Dementia Joe Biden and AA-posing Slave-Owner Harris despise America, and will do everything within their power to fight against and destroy Her.

    Like the Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, et al… crime families… the Dementia Joe Biden Crime Family – in collusion with Big Tech and the Media PACs – has made a fortune by stealing from and selling out our Nation. Our enemies around the world OWN the Biden Family… and there’s no denying it anymore. If we allow the Demunists to steal this election – or worse yet; willingly give these treasonous criminals control of our Nation – then we deserve the destructive results of our ignorance.

  4. Why is “Souls to the Polls” not criticized for “separation of church and state” issues? Any one going to ask her about her stepson? Anyone going to ask her about how much money she and her husband got from China, Ukraine, Russia, Khasakstan, etc, etc.? Anyone going to ask her about the elder abuse she is promulgating by allowing her obviously mentally compromised 77 year-old husband to keep debasing himself? Anyone going to ask her if she has a problem with her stepson acting inappropriately with underage girls? Anyone going to ask her about her husband acting inappropriately with young girls? OF COURSE NOT!

  5. At the previous church I attended during the election years the Pastor would lead all the white political ponies to the front row. I remember one instance when our church mostly black and spirit filled brought a Democrat (Catholic) to the front pew. He looked like he could not try to get out fast enough, Ha! The singing, the raising of the hands, the dancing and the 4 hour service was just too much. Good luck Jill and sit by the exit!
    Too bad someone doesn’t stand in front of Bethel on Sunday with a big sign bearing the number of black babies aborted in 2020, or maybe in Tallahassee.
    Shame on that whole staff for being such panders to a party that supports such evil.
    Remember this on election day.

    1. We don’t need Trump for another four years because he doesn’t give a dam about the African American. Donald Trump is the worst president we ever had he know about the virus and did noting and now over 210,000 people are dead. Trump don’t have respect for anybody but him self I were read were Trump did nasty things to women’s and I will be at Bethel cheering Biden/ Harris on all the way to the polls Vote Blue

      1. Since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, abortion has killed an estimated 20 million black babies; more than the entire black population of 1960.

        Which party want’s genocide of an entire race since it’s inception under Andrew Jackson?

        Spare me your Plandemic histrionics and Orange Man Bad when genocide is right before your eyes and you refuse to see it.

      2. Congratulations…your take home pay will be decreasing (at least) when Sleepy Joe raises your taxes. And add that to the new $15 minimum wage, some of your co-workers will loose their jobs. Small businesses may have to lower some salaries in order to raise others. And you can take to the bank China will rule our Country after giving Sleepy Joe’s kid millions.

      3. Nette, Go out and find the 25% of the black people that voted for President Trump, maybe they can convince you and expose your ignorance.

  6. I wonder if Jill will follow in Hillary’s footsteps by speaking in a Caucasian flavored imitation Black dialect, referencing that ever present bottle of hot-sauce she always carries around in her purse, and of course shouting out a few random ” I a’int no ways tired ” random phrases. If Jill’s able to pull off just those three things she will totally sew up the minority vote for Joe.
    Oh and the DNC is totally flush with China money for Jill to get new cars for the Pastor, the Decons-Elders, and of course all the Church Mothers.

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