Nonpartisan Mayor John Dailey Endorses Biden

Nonpartisan Mayor John Dailey Endorses Biden

Last week, Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president. Dailey is a long-standing Democrat, but he received Republican support in his narrow victory in the 2018 Tallahassee mayoral race.

Elections for the city commission and the mayor are non-partisan.

When Tallahassee Reports asked Thomas Whitely, Dailey’s aide, for insight about the endorsement, he expressed the sentiment that the Office of the Mayor separates political and personal ideals and directed us to Dailey’s Twitter profile.

“Vice President Biden is the leader and uniter our country needs. Vote by mail, vote early or vote on election day, just make sure you vote,” Dailey tweeted.

During a get-out-the-vote news conference, Dailey expressed his frustrations in receiving FEMA reimbursements for citizens since Hurricane Michael. Lack of federal government support was a factor that made Dailey want to speak up in support of Biden.

Surrounded with support from his mother and sons, Dailey joked that if his sons were old enough there would be three generations of Dailey’s voting for Biden in this election.

Polls in Florida show a close race between Trump and Biden. Dailey emphasized this as the most important election in a lifetime and a pivotal point for our society as he addressed voters who have yet to vote.

The state of Florida, as a swing state, could play a major role in the election for both candidates. Endorsements like the one made by Mayor Dailey can influence constituents to get out and vote and also give insight about local elected officials’ political leanings.

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  1. Got my real estate tax bill in, FMV assessed was 5% higher than my 2018 purchase price. Assuming everyone is good with across the board increases, why isn’t the same happening to our elected officials? Took time to look up a county commissioner and a city commissioner, there assessed value is significantly less than FMV, one was 71% of FMV.

  2. OK, there has been a LOT of what they call Ballot Dumps over the last couple of days to be counted. The last one was 23,000 Ballots and they have already said that not a single one was for Trump and that ALL of them were for Biden. Not sure how that is possible unless Fraud is involved.

    What I want to know is, why isn’t the Media or the Supervisors talking about the other Elections? Why only the Presidential Election when it comes to these late Ballots? With this many Ballots, many of them could be changing Democrat House Seats to Republican. Many could be changing Commissioners Seats, etc. The President Election is not the only Election on those Ballots.

  3. Losers endorse losers. Once again Tallahassee gets the prize for being an embarrassment to the state of Florida.
    Time to move the capital to Destin. ?

  4. What a basket of contradictions… Nonpartisan Dailey… The 2nd sentence says he is a lifelong dem. Then ” Office of the Mayor separates political and personal ideals and directed us to Dailey’s Twitter profile”…. the entire article is how Mr. Flintstone is pushing his personal political preference on us. Fred’s really drinking the cool-aide, soon to be in bed with the rest of the DNC.


  5. Come on people…Tallahassee / Leon County is 70% democrat so unless that changes which is highly unlikely as we are home of two universities and state government workers all of whom favor large and invasive government, we are going to have elected officers who are democrats. It follows therefore if you are going to have commissioners and mayors who are democrats then have honest ones and that is what John Dailey is. I voted for in last time and, unless there is some tangible hope a conservative can be elected, I will vote for him again, his support of Biden and stupid decision to paint Black Lives Matter on the street not with standing .

  6. Why is anyone surprised? The Capital District is 70 to 80 percent socialist. If you don’t drink the Kool-Aid you don’t have a say. Even if you do drink it you still will not have a say. Mayor Howdy Doody is just part of the same cabal that runs the Capital District. I’m sure he has dreams of being President Snow.

  7. Nonpartisan? Seriously? And a Biden chump to boot. Dude, you turned out to be not the person Tallahassee thought you would be. Sad really. You had great potential. No more!

  8. Dailey is a Democratic pParty operative which hinders greatly his ability to lead. He is running Tallahassee into the ground.

    I am sure he will only be a one-term mayor.

  9. Dailey is doing a bad job pretending to be a real Democrat, whereas fellow insider Desloge is a tax and spend liberal in RINO’s clothing.

    The Chamber/developer $/VCJ cabal is basically their own party now and we should oppose all of their paid off candidates, regardless of registration

    1. Dailey is sucking up to the Democratic Party muckety-mucks hoping to ride their coattails to a higher position in politics. It is sad to watch.

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