Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna Discusses Upcoming Election

Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna Discusses Upcoming Election

Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna recently appeared on Tallahassee Reports Editor Steve Stewart’s radio show Above the Fold. During the interview, the two discussed the upcoming election in which the Superintendent is attempting to defend his incumbency against opponent Pam Hightower.

The interview began with Hanna offering part of his biography, in which he shared that he was “born and raised here in Tallahassee” and has been working within the school system for over three decades. Hanna began his educational tenure in 1988 as a hall monitor, later assuming the positions of teacher, coach, assistant principal, and eventually principal of his alma mater Leon High School.

“That was just an amazing time in my life,” the Superintendent said. “I love Tallahassee, love our community and love working with young people.”

The former American History teacher also offered some of his political stances that he feels have been muddled in the media as of late. He affirmed himself as being “pro second amendment.” He also took time to acknowledge his left leanings when it comes to social programs while still identifying as a fiscal conservative.

“If you have to label me, I’m running with no party affiliation,” said Hanna. “I’m that person in the middle, and I think a lot of people are looking for that person in the middle.”

Some accomplishments he identified during his time as Superintendent include improvements in school safety, funding for arts and athletic programs and strengthening the Leon County Schools’ emergency reserve by $2 million. According to Hanna, the capital debt has been reduced by $60 million and they “have a plan for Leon County schools to be 100% debt free by 2028.”

Hanna also clarified that his stance has always been pro school choice, and called out his opponent, Pam Hightower, for claiming that her plan as superintendent would be to “bring back” school choice—something that Hanna claims to have “never eliminated.” Rather, he believes that he simply “leveled the playing field” by implementing a lottery system that would give children entering the system from private schools and those already in attendance an equal chance at attending the schools of their preference.

Also discussed in the interview was the Superintendent’s response to COVID-19, where he clarified that there was already a “teacher shortage crisis” prior to the pandemic and acknowledged that some teachers have gone into early retirement due to the current global crisis.

Finally, Hanna emphasized his motives for reelection and serving as Superintendent of Leon County.

“I don’t have any future political aspirations; I just want to do the right thing for our children.”

The Superintendent election will take place on Nov. 3.

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  1. We go further down the drain with every election. I’m so disgusted with the pandering from the left and our ELECTED officials!

  2. We lose either way. We missed our chance four years ago. Hanna will probably win. All democratic political figures love him and his HAA HAA Vegas money. He is right in the “middle” of the Leon County Democratic Swamp.

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