Open Thread: Local Races, CSC Results Updated

Open Thread: Local Races, CSC Results Updated

Updated 6:25 a.m.

City Commission Seat 2

Curtis Richardson60,64969.54%
Bill Schack26,56430.46%

Leon County At-Large

Kelly Otte61,32943.89%
Carolyn Cummings76,69854.89%

Leon County District 4

Bryan Desolge15,99943.12%
Brian Welch21,10656.88%

Leon County Superintendent

Rocky Hanna93,06259.59%
Pam Hightower62,42539.97%

Children’s Services Council


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  1. OK, there has been a LOT of what they call Ballot Dumps over the last couple of days to be counted. The last one was 23,000 Ballots and they have already said that not a single one was for Trump and that ALL of them were for Biden. Not sure how that is possible unless Fraud is involved.

    What I want to know is, why isn’t the Media or the Supervisors talking about the other Elections? Why only the Presidential Election when it comes to these late Ballots? With this many Ballots, many of them could be changing Democrat House Seats to Republican. Many could be changing Commissioners Seats, etc. The President Election is not the only Election on those Ballots.

  2. I just got my Tax Bill from Doris Malloy a couple days ago and My Property Tax has gone up about $300 from last Year.

  3. Leon County has one of the highest median property taxes in the United States, and is ranked 608th of the 3143 counties in order of median property taxes.

    The average yearly property tax paid by Leon County residents amounts to about 2.45% of their yearly income. And now we get an increase in property taxes. Nevermind that we already give millions to non profits locally that were supposed to be doing the CSC work. But believe me, we will still be giving those millions on top of the SCS money.

    It is really hard to tell someone you share blood, a board, or a bed with that you are not going to give them money when you are in a position of power.

    You probably don’t know that we have a 5 cent per gallon gas tax that the city and county share that has been quietly in effect for several years.

    The county sales tax @1.5% – Tied for tenth highest out of the 67 counties. That is on top of the 6% statewide sales tax.

    We have a ‘fire services’ fee that is regressive. If you live in a 900 Sq. Ft. home next to the fire station you pay as much as the person that lives in the 3000 Sq. Ft home that is miles from a fire station.

    We pay for car allowances for the mayor, city commissioners, county commissioners and all senior staff in both local governments. (State and private sector employees? Not so much)

    We buy coffee and snacks for their meetings. Not just any coffee, Stiffbucks burnt coffee.

    Along with all this money we are giving to local government in a town with no industry, 2 empty universities and an underpaid state workforce – THE GOOD NEWS!!!!! The price of everything you purchase is going up astronomically because we are making changes to the minimum wage.

    Curtis Richardson. Heh. Suckers.

  4. Looks grim, to me.

    Minimum wage should be extraneous. Economic boom & non-excessive labor should take care of it…and improve employment…while minimum wage will drive up unemployment. (I’d better tend my econ data files.)

    C’mon, give me some cheering news! 55% of the judges got the boot? Adler ahead? (Not that I know Adler, but the other guy is bad.)
    Illiberal leftist rioters in lockup? Associates flee to soviet state of Northern California?

  5. So 2 out of 3 of our neighbors feel that the government knows better how to distribute our dollars to charity than we do and don’t have a problem with the CSC taking a cut of our dollars for their wisdom. Looking for property in Jefferson County now to find better neighbors.

  6. ONLY those who Voted YES for the CSC should be the ones to Pay for it.

    Since the Commissions say how great it will be, maybe they can cut loose many of the other Nonprofits.

    1. Tony AGREE with your comment. No worries, CSC another FBI sting waiting in the pipeline. Speaking of FBI when will the infamous local government corruption cohorts trial begins? Popcorn ready!

  7. Disappointed in the Children’s Services Council vote, another nonproven govt. boondoggle with little oversite and accountability raising our taxes.

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