Brian Welch Wins County Commission District 4, Unseats Longtime Commissioner Bryan Desloge

Brian Welch Wins County Commission District 4, Unseats Longtime Commissioner Bryan Desloge

In a surprising turn on election night, Brian Welch won the Leon County Commission District 4 race, unseating longtime Commissioner Bryan Desloge. As of the most recent reports, Welch received 56.87% of the vote, and Desloge received 43.13%.

Welch, a social studies teacher at Chiles High School, focused his campaign on representing residents of Northeast Tallahassee. Following his victory, he thanked the residents of the area.

“I’m humbled by the opportunity and just want to make sure I do right by everybody,” he said. “I’m grateful and humbled and look forward to representing our interests going forward.”

Welch said he was surprised by the large margin of his win.

“I think that the results kind of speak for themselves,” he said. “Obviously the folks out here were ready for a change, and I’m humbled and honored to be able to represent them.”

He also addressed the people who did not vote for him, expressing that he wants to serve the interests of everyone in the district.

“There are 50,000 people in District Four, and as far as I’m concerned, I represent all 50,000 of them,” he said. “The folks that didn’t vote for me, their issues are just as important as the people who did vote for me.”

“If you live in Northeast Tallahassee, then I’m your County Commissioner, and I want to make sure that I serve your interests as well as I can,” he continued.

He said his top priority once he takes office will be slowing down the Welaunee Northeast Gateway project and making sure Northeast Tallahassee voices are heard.

“I want to make sure that we’re doing that the right way,” he said. “I want to make sure that the citizens that are going to be impacted by that development, by that expenditure of tax dollars, are getting their money’s worth.”

Welch will take office Nov. 17, the second Tuesday after the election.

7 Responses to "Brian Welch Wins County Commission District 4, Unseats Longtime Commissioner Bryan Desloge"

  1. So heard tonight Biden wanted National mask mandate, know that my Family and my Firm will not surrender to communism. We will restrict spending to that end. We must not let authorities restrict our freedoms.

  2. So Desloge researched and changed his mind on something that apparently the will of the people wanted..and that is bad?

    Is Welch against the road? Against the mask mandate?

    1. Desloge has already done the Research and was totally 100% AGAINST it and even wrote a big article about it and WHY he was totally 100% AGAINST IT. He showed the Facts and his reasoning for being against it. Even Mary Ann Lindley was against it. Him all of a sudden being for it NOW just makes me wonder WHY. Was he offered something in return, like, MONEY or a Seat on the Board…………….

  3. Congratulations! I hope you are a man of your word! Northeast Tallahassee needed someone, to look out, for our interest and not for the commissioner’s special interests. Elections have consequences and Bryan Desloge now sees that!!!

  4. Congratulations. I am looking forward to working with you COMMISSIONER welch IN 2022. I am running for County Commissioner District 5 in 2022

  5. Desloge was against the Children’s Services Tax before he voted for it. He was ok with putting a huge road through a powerful residential group in his district and he was a RINO who favored wearing masks…was there anyone he didn’t tick off?

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