Carolyn Cummings Wins Leon County Commission At-Large Seat

Carolyn Cummings Wins Leon County Commission At-Large Seat

Carolyn Cummings has won the Leon County Commission At-Large seat. Cummings ran against Kelly Otte, who conceded the race on election night.

The main issues of their campaigns were reducing crime, stimulating the economy and development. Carolyn Cummings focused on the impact of the pandemic during her campaign, including unemployment and helping small businesses. She also viewed the reduction of crime and affordable housing as major challenges. Kelly Otte also campaigned on the economy and poverty.

When asked about her immediate thoughts on her victory, Carolyn Cummings was thankful and said that the experience felt surreal.

“I want to thank all the voters in Leon County who placed their confidence in me,” she said. “I am so appreciative and humbled by the level of support that I have gotten and I pray that my service will help elevate the condition of the citizens of Leon County and that my tenure will be positive.”

When asked what she would say to the people who did not vote for her, Cummings said that she will represent everybody.

She commented, “This is an at large position. It doesn’t matter whether you voted for me, my job is to represent the best interest of all citizens, and my message is that I am accessible whether you supported me or not, and I want to hear from all the citizens.”

Cummings also talked about her top priority once being sworn into office.

“My top priority, and I hope it’s the top priority of all County Commissioners, is jumpstarting this economy. This pandemic has had a devastating economic effect on Leon County. Businesses have closed, people have lost jobs, we have people that have suffered and hopefully, we can get ahead of the pandemic,” she said.

Cummings will take office on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

4 Responses to "Carolyn Cummings Wins Leon County Commission At-Large Seat"

  1. I cant remember exactly what was said by Otte but a few weeks back and covered by TR she made some sort of uber leftist wacko statement that probably lost her the election because a lot of us locals with sense realized Otte would not represent all citizens.
    Otte made it clear by her wacko statement to all local moderate Democrats and of course conservatives that she would not represent their interests.
    Otte rhymes with potty and that potty mouth cost her the election.
    Sorry local Otte supporters for your loss, but you backed a defective candidate, and we are much better off with Cummings.

  2. Congratulations! You conducted yourself and campaign with grace and dignity. Wishing you all the best and success in your exciting new endeavor.

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