City Commissioner Curtis Richardson Retains Seat

City Commissioner Curtis Richardson Retains Seat

City Commissioner Curtis Richardson – after narrowly missing a victory in the primary – retained his seat with a win against Bill Schack in the general election. Richardson received 69.5% of the vote, and Schack received 30.5%.

Richardson has been in office since 2014. His re-election campaign focused on representing the Southside as well as promoting affordable housing and sustainable growth. Schack, on the other hand, focused on supporting law enforcement and reducing crime.

Following his win, Richardson said, “I am thrilled that the citizens of Tallahassee have given me an opportunity to serve them again on the City Commission. It has been a tremendous experience.”

He also said that he emphasized running a positive and clean campaign.

“We’ve got challenges, but I look forward to working with the city to continue moving Tallahassee forward—our neighborhoods, businesses, non-profit communities, all stake-holders we need to work with to move our city forward,” he said.

He also addressed people who did not vote for him, stating that people who did not vote for him can count on him as well as those who did. He said all citizens of Tallahassee can feel free to contact him.

“We all love this community and that’s why we’re here,” he said. “Regardless of party or vote, I am ready to take on challenges.”

Richardson said his main priorities going forward are improving economic well-being, including lost jobs due to the pandemic, and public safety.

“Guests and residents have to feel safe before we accomplish anything else,” he said. “I think we’re headed in the right direction. We have a new Commission, and we’ve got an excellent city manager and team, who I really enjoy working with.”

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  1. He is an editing, writing and media major, and has a serious verb-subject agreement problem. I am offended at the perversion of a language I love so much, but I have learned long ago my feelings don’t matter like his.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

    1. J Bobman (they/them) : Is it not enough for some to spring surprise gender identity pronouns on us that they/them now get to also be plural?

  2. Congratulations Commissioner Richardson. God blessed you as you continue to provide for the people of Tallahassee.

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