City Commission Approves TPD Supplemental Appropriation for New Vehicle, Handguns

City Commission Approves TPD Supplemental Appropriation for New Vehicle, Handguns

At their meeting on Nov. 10, the City Commissioners voted to approve a supplemental appropriation of $490,000 from law enforcement trust funds to purchase additional Tallahassee Police Department equipment. Approximately $450,000 will come from the State Law Enforcement Trust Fund, and $40,000 will come from the Federal Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

TPD requested the supplemental appropriation to purchase a new police vehicle, replace all of the existing duty handguns and purchase backup guns and all accessories.

TPD plans to purchase a new heavy-duty towing vehicle to transport its new Rook, a vehicle used for high-risk operations and national disasters. TPD is being awarded the Rook, which is estimated at cost approximately $325,000, as part of Florida’s Regional Domestic Security Task Force’s five-year plan to place Rooks throughout Florida. TPD will be spending $74,000 on a Ford F-550 to be able to tow heavy-duty vehicles, mainly the Rook.

TPD plans to replace and buy new handguns because the existing handguns are nearing 10 years of age, which is the recommended end of service life.

“In reviewing the best replacement option, the City is intending to transition to a Glock 17 Gen 5 Modular Optic System 9 mm pistol.  The switch to a 9 mm handgun is consistent with the recent trend in law enforcement, as 9 mm rounds offer a reduced cost and an increased carrying capacity and lighter recoil,” staff reports.

The total estimated cost of replacing the handguns is $216,000.

Additionally, TPD plans to purchase backup handguns rather than continuing the current policy of allowing officers to carry a personally-owned backup gun. This is intended to allow for greater oversight and control. The proposed backup handgun is a Glock 43x 9 mm. The total cost of the backup handguns is estimated at $143,000.

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