Tallahassee Violent Crime Incidents Remain Elevated, Up 78%

Tallahassee Violent Crime Incidents Remain Elevated, Up 78%

Based on Tallahassee Police Department reports, violent crime incidents have increased by approximately 78% in 2020 during August, September, and October when compared to the same months in 2019.

Additionally, incident reports show the violent crime began increasing in May 2020.

Violent crime incidents include murder, robbery, rape, assault, & battery

Violent Crime

The chart below shows the number of violent crime incidents for each month since August, 2019. The chart was created from a Tallahassee Reports database that contains daily incident data provided by TPD. TR began tracking the daily crime incidents in August, 2019.

The data shows that during the 3-month period from August through October 2019 there were 201 violent crime incidents reported. For the same three months in 2020, 357 violent crime incidents were reported, a 77.6% increase.

The data indicates violent crime incidents began increasing in May of this year after reaching a low of 41 incidents in April.

Assaults, Armed Robbery Up Over 100%

A closer look at the data shows that the increase in violent crime incidents are being driven in part by assaults, armed robbery and sexual batteries. The table below shows the change in in five incident categories from 2019 to 2020 during August through October.

The data shows that Aggravated Assaults and Armed Robbery are up over 156% and 171%, respectively.

9 Responses to "Tallahassee Violent Crime Incidents Remain Elevated, Up 78%"

  1. While you still can buy a gun. I dont understand how they are so lax on criminals and so aggressive with trying to take away our second amendment. Makes no logical sense. (They being lthe liberal left)

  2. Don’t worry folks. The Mayor’s new overpaid glorified social worker “TEAM” will take care of the growing crime problem… you know, ‘cause all these criminals need is a “higher level of service”.

  3. I NEVER go anywhere without a gun in my purse. If you try to attack me I will shoot your butt and hopefully the coroner will be called. Then I will get a good nights sleep knowing they will never attack anyone again.

  4. Some liberal genius told me they would negotiate with a criminal because they oppose gun ownership. Is that what our City leaders are trying to do?

  5. So why did you force DeLeo out? Best chief we had in a long time. No leadership in Tallahassee and we keep electing the same thing. Don’t expect better until you vote for better.

  6. Tallahassee’s liberal leadership has no idea how to combat crime. They never have and they never will. Buy a gun because you can only rely on yourself.

  7. Can you give us any more information? Are many of these associated with domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, human trafficking, the universities? Can we see the underlying sources or are they just random attacks? Are they more at certain hours of the day or night? Does the police department have any preventive measures they would like us to take beyond locking our cars and our houses? With the holidays coming I would expect this to get worse – gifts lying around, more parties and alcohol, etc.

    1. Buy a small Gun (380), take a course on how to Load, Unload, Hold, Clean and Shoot the Gun. Get your Concealed Carry Permit, Keep the Gun with you, visit the Range OFTEN so you get used to shooting the Gun and are able to hit your Target every time. AND, don’t be afraid to protect YOURSELF and your FAMILY at all costs……… including taking a Life. Our Government has tied the hands of our Law Enforcement so, be prepared to do what you have to do.

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