Killearn Homeowners Association Election Results in New Faces

Killearn Homeowners Association Election Results in New Faces

The Killearn Homeowners Association, which oversees a neighborhood with approximately 3,800 properties and 12,000 residents in northeast Tallahassee, recently held elections for their 9-member board. The unofficial results, coupled with the fact that two incumbents – David Ferguson and Phil Inglese – did not seeking re-election, guarantees there will be several new faces on the board.

There were five seats up for election, with two incumbents on the ballot. Both incumbents – Gloria Arias and Michael Flemming – ended up losing.

Assuming the unofficial count will be accepted, the five candidates that received the most votes were Luke Brown (640), David Hoodenpyle (603), Paul Munyon (565), Jeff Graverholt (484), and Susan Dickerson (458).

Pending the certification of the results, these five candidates will serve three year terms spanning 2021-2023.

In addition, Danielle Irwin, who was previously appointed to an unexpired term was confirmed by majority vote.

The current members who were not up for election and will remain on the board are Carla Gaskin Mautz, Steve Givens, and Charles Faircloth.

During the last two years a number of high profile and controvesial issues came before the KHA. The issues included the transition of the Killearn Golf and Country Club and the possible sale of community property.

However, no issue was bigger than the proposed Northeast Gateway which was designed to link Killearn Estates to the future development in Welaunee Plantation. The contentious issue was just recently resolved through a compromise, but the fallout from the issue included the KHA being openly critical of Leon County Commissioner Bryan Desloge. In fact, the KHA took the unusual step of endorsing his opponent Brian Welch who went on to win the November 3rd election.

The election results will be reviewed by the KHA board at a meeting scheduled on December 1st.

11 Responses to "Killearn Homeowners Association Election Results in New Faces"

  1. I appreciate the confidence shown by all residents who voted for me. I will do all within my power and ability to retain it.

  2. They did finally turn their backs on RINO Deslodge because he sold them out but the vast majority remain straight down the line Democrat voters. D D D D D D D.
    You all go to bed now and fantasize about Obama’s pants crease. G’nite lefties of Killearn.

  3. Stop the Steal!

    These votes were tabulated by machines designed by Hugo Chavez, a Venezuelan socialist! I am in possession of a signed affidavit from a pole watcher who testifies that Andrew Gillum personally used ballots for the ‘wrong’ candidates to roll blunts. This is the biggest election travesty of all time.

  4. That’s what happens when you hire a Wedding DJ to sneak around Homeowner’s Yards taking pictures of leaves on roofs..dirt on driveways..a tire 1/32nd of an inch on grass etc and then sending said Homeowner ridiculous letters!!..People tend not to react kindly to that and then vote out the people that approved the hiring of DJ Denny..Hopefully the new board does not make similar mistake

  5. The KHA Board lost its credibility with the residents over a number of failures. They allowed the Welaunee development issue to overwhelm them. They tried to sell KHA property, until the residents stepped in and stopped them. They offended the residents by treating their comments with disdain. They didn’t accept disapproval, and attacked residents who did so. They refused to allow their board meetings to be recorded, so their comments and votes were lost.
    The residents of KHA wanted more respect. They voted accordingly.

    1. What “Old Resident” said. The board was so thick in the head to see that they were being played by Blueprint, Desloge, Curtis Richardson and the IA. Going so far as to hire a lobbyist with an unproven if not questionable past, a traffic engineer with so many ties to the City of Tallahassee, Blueprint, and elected officials it made my head spin.

      They even managed to call one resident a deadbeat, out loud, in public. I kid you not. Take heart, that board member is still on the board.

  6. This is a shame re Gloria. She was a solid advocate.

    The sleeping dragon of Killearn was finally awakened in opposition to Desloge, Dailey, Blueprint/Welaunee shenanigans and they won some amazing advances recently.

    I’m guessing they go back to being appeased by planning staff behind closed doors to accept the “done deals” on development. Keep the faith Killearners.

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