Leon County Job Growth Flat in October, Unemployment Rate Up

Leon County Job Growth Flat in October, Unemployment Rate Up

The latest employment information shows that Leon County added 182 jobs in October. One year ago Leon County added 504 jobs. The unemployment rate in October increased to 5.1%. The unemployment last month (September) was 4.6%. One year ago the October unemployment rate was 2.8%.

The number of people working in October, 2020 is less when compared to last year. The Leon County Jobs Report, listed below, indicates that 141,905 people were working in October 2020. This is 14,937 less than the 156,842 reported working in October of last year.

Also, the labor force decreased when compared to one year ago. The October, 2020 workforce was 149,550 compared to 161,292 last year.

At the state-level, 70,000 jobs were added in October after adding 64,,000 jobs in September, 2020. The October unemployment rate decreased to 6.4% from 7.2% in September.

The chart below shows the monthly level of jobs in Leon County over the last three years with a 12-month average trend line. After several months of growth following the impact of COVID mitigation policies, Leon County employment has remained approximately 15,000 jobs below last years level during August, September, and October.

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