Report: Florida Democrats Never Received Check from Gillum Nonprofit

Report: Florida Democrats Never Received Check from Gillum Nonprofit

Former Tallahassee Mayor and state gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has made headlines once again this week after news regarding a supposed donation from his nonprofit. According to Florida Politics, Forward Florida Action awarded the Florida Democratic Party with a $100,000 “game-show-style check” at a press event in May 2019. A year later, campaign finance reports show that the party never received a donation from the group.

Ryan Hurst, executive director of Florida Forward Action, acknowledged that there was, indeed, no actual check written by the nonprofit to the party. Instead, he claimed, “Mr. Gillum directly raised the $100,000 commitment” himself, with all of his fundraising efforts represented “under the name of his organization.” The Florida Forward PAC, a separate but similarly connected group, donated $155,000 to the state Democratic Party in 2019.

In November 2020, Forward Florida Action’s 990 tax forms became publicly available, showing that the organization raised $2,022,674 intended to register and reengage “voters who are often unseen and unheard.” A total of $484,500 was spent issuing grants geared towards this goal. A similar figure of $484,808 was allocated towards salaries for the nonprofit’s personnel. Gillum, who serves as the chair of the organization, “did not receive any compensation” according to Hurst.

In its eight-month run in 2019, Forward Florida Action spent $181,838 with “outside consultants” as well as $153,503 on travel costs, representing more than a quarter of the organization’s total expenses. “In regards to travel,” said Hurst, “Mr. Gillum and members of our team traveled nationally to raise funds, and also in Florida to build support for our core mission.”

More voters were registered in Florida after the 2020 election, with Democrats adding more voters “than the just-over-30,000 vote deficit” that cost Gillum the election, according to Florida Politics. Regardless, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump won the state of Florida by over 3%, along with GOP victories in the House and state Legislature.

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  1. “intended to register and reengage ‘voters who are often unseen and unheard.’”

    Like dead voters that Democrat Party leaders register & cast votes for… ?

  2. Wouldnt IRS be interested in auditing this alleged non-profit? Looks like someone needed to pay some taxes on earned income.

  3. Was Gillum’s trip to France paid for by the nonprofit after transferring $500K from PAC donors?

    If so, WOW!

  4. Its probley best for John Morgan just to forget he ever gave that man $200,000.00 and never mention it again. Let it go John nothing good will ever come out of pursuing the matter any further.
    Think of it as a gift, that allowed for a kinky walk on the wild side, if it helps you to distance yourself from your $200,000.00 John. Let it go my man let it go.

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