County Commission Approves Fallschase Property Annexation

County Commission Approves Fallschase Property Annexation

At its last meeting, the Leon County Board of County Commissioners voted not to object to the voluntary annexation of the Fallschase Development property.

The Commissioners met on Nov. 17 and agreed to the proposed voluntary annexation of the residential phases of the Fallschase planned unit development. The property being annexed is 82 acres of residential planned development located south of Buck Lake Road and east of the Weems neighborhood.

The property owners, RMDC, Inc., requested the annexation because the property is subject to the Fallschase Development Agreement (DA). The DA is an agreement between the Buck Lake Alliance (BLA), the Weems neighborhood, and the developers. The DA puts in place various infrastructure commitments from the developer including the construction of fully-signalized access at the Lagniappe Way entrance of the Fallschase property, completion of the widening at Buck Lake Rd/US 90 to add a third westbound left-turn lane, an extension of the four-lane segment of Buck Lake Road, and the construction of Acadian Boulevard to Weems Road.

The development agreement also authorizes up to 750,000 square feet of commercial development, 35,000 square feet of office development, and 1,514 residential dwellings. A total of 626 residential units have been approved for development and 208 of those units have been constructed. The Board followed the recommended action by approving the annexation agreement.

6 Responses to "County Commission Approves Fallschase Property Annexation"

  1. Why, why, why are developers allowed to completely change the topography of land on the shores of a lake. Mountains of soil continue to be added creating cliffs on the edges of this and the Canopy development. Enough with this ridiculous drive for more tax dollars as you allow the destruction of the once bucolic east side of Tallahassee.

  2. Well, the good news with all of this over building in that area was that the government officials were “smart” enough to shutdown an old two lane road for a year and spend millions of dollars to turn it into a new two lane road with palm trees. Very genius of them.

    Can’t imagine what Weems will look like when all of these ticky tacky boxes are built on top of each other and adding to the already congested palm tree road.

    Also? I’m not great at math but how in the heck do you get 30,000 sq ft of office space and 1514 residential dwellings into 82 acres?? 8 story apartments or 200 sq ft houses with zero yard? Well, at least if you run out of shampoo, you can knock on your neighbors window from your shower, and ask to borrow theirs.

    These places will be slums within a decade or two. Guaranteed.

  3. Just like the Thomasville Road corridor, the East Side is rapidly being developed with over-priced zero lot line homes, high density over-priced apartments and over-priced town homes. Well done Kommissars. Glad you all love the developers and their $$ over the voters.

    1. I’d settle for half acre. You’ll never see one acre lots in Tallahassee again. I don’t care if people want to live in a shoe box with no yard but the problem with population density in that area is there are very few outlets. Buck Lake needs a Southern exit badly but it’s never going to happen. There’s no money in it for them. This is the kind of situation that leads to urban sprawl and then they try to blame it on some social issue and not just poor planning and political cronyism.

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