County Commission Receives Status Report on Reopening Parks for Government-Sponsored Events Amidst COVID-19

County Commission Receives Status Report on Reopening Parks for Government-Sponsored Events Amidst COVID-19

At today’s Leon County Board of County Commissioners meeting, the commissioners received a status report on the use of County parks and locally-sponsored community and athletic events amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The report included conditions in Leon County and ways to mitigate the further spread of the virus while making use of public resources.

Due to the coronavirus, a majority of the Division of Tourism’s grant funds for the 2021 Fiscal Year have not yet been awarded, as Leon County remains in Phase 2 of its reopening plan. The Board has the power to adjust reopening policies and allow for grant funding to resume, despite Leon County not being officially under Phase 3.

Options for modifying the re-opening plans include the authorization of funding for all outdoor and indoor events, authorizing disbursement of funds for only outdoor events (or those with less than 1000 attendees in the grant application) or the authorization of funding for limited indoor events that are linked to local or state governments as well as “institutions of higher learning.”

The COVID-19 pandemic was described in the report as “the longest and most extensive emergency activation in the history of our community.” In September, the Board approved a decision to allow for organized cross-country activities to occur (with strict protocols in place) despite still being in Phase 2 of the reopening plan. The use of County facilities for other organized youth sports, including little league and cheerleading, was not approved.

The report also mentioned the enthusiasm from “much of the public whom are less vulnerable to adverse health risks associated with COVID-19” to return to their previous daily activities. Small social gatherings, fitness routines, cultural and community events and athletics were all cited as examples of “normalcy” desired by members of the public and as support for adjusting the reopening plan.

The commissioners directed staff to bring back another report on Jan. 26, 2021.

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  1. If you haven’t already had it you will have the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, make no mistake, it was launched on us as a weapon. But we shouldn’t live in fear as this is not the way of Mankind. Be Not Afraid my friends!

  2. Our soccer league had to raise holy heck with the City Kommissars to reopen the Meadows Soccer Complex after we had already been traveling around the state for the travel teams and practicing at private locations locally. Last time I checked, we’re all doing fine. There are no mass graves of travel soccer players, their families and fans. Those tiny few families that tested positive are just fine, healthy as always. It is despicable how these so-called “leaders” have lost all common sense in this Plandemic.

  3. Rules for thee, but not for me? So… we can have freedom and liberty again, so long as government approves/sponsors it?

    Seems to fit well with, “You have a right to your own opinion, so long as it’s the same as ours”

    … gotta love them NaziCrats

  4. ‘enthusiasm from “much of the public whom are less vulnerable to adverse health risks associated with COVID-19” to return to their previous daily activities.’

    While I appreciate TR’s continuing stats column . . .it is State stats. I haven’t been anywhere else in the ‘state’ this year. I would like to see a breakdown by age, co morbidity of the 147 Leon County deaths so far. Whether they were shopping or working or at home if it can be determined. I know this seems like an unlikely place to post this, however as a senior with a compromised immune system I know what my risk/return factors are. So should the ‘less vulnerable’ who appear to have needlessly interrupted their lives.

  5. Just last week Com. Rick Minor was quoted in another local news outlet welcoming the FHSAA football championships to Doak Campbell in December, while county parks are still closed to local events. This county commission needs to get their messaging straight and open up county facilities to tax paying citizens.

  6. So thousands of people can come from all over to use the facilities the tax payers of Leon county pay for, but those same facilities are still closed to those same tax payers because of covid?

    That sounds about exactly right… when you consider that its all happening in Leon county. Our leaders are giving us that ancient catholic dictum of NON-GREASUM! I’m sick of it.

    1. It sure smells like family, friends, and/or other yet to be named buddy-buddy local “usual suspects” of our elected nannies stand to benifit financially from the surprise AAU event.
      Lodging concessions kickbacks…who knows??? Our local elected nannies are a sneaky slimey bunch of snakes.
      But thats not the way honest local conservatives like to think about our beloved elected nannies is it? Drive the thought from your delicate minds.

  7. Probley no accident our elected nanny overlords were able to get that photo attached to their draconian press release tease of “maybe we are gonna lighten up a little bit.”
    Interesting how the local mindless sheep are all obeying the stay behind the fence rule enforced by jack boot government enforcers in bright orange vests.
    Very symbolic of life in our nannies vision of a socialist utopia.

  8. LOL…kind of interesting how this discussion will FOLLOW the County hosting 4,500 runners, coaches, and their family & friends for an AAU meet which takes place tomorrow. Yeah, maybe the County ought to open things up to the people actually paying for these facilities. SMH.

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