School Board Approves Contract with Pittman Law Group to Retain Board Attorney

School Board Approves Contract with Pittman Law Group to Retain Board Attorney

The Leon County School Board recently approved entering into an interim agreement with Pittman Law Group for legal services. Under the contract, the school board will pay Pittman Law Group a monthly retainer of $6,666.66, not including any additional legal costs.

The board previously worked with Ausley McMullen Attorneys and Counselors at Law, but the board’s attorney Opal McKinney-Williams announced last year that she was leaving the Ausley McMullen firm to join Pittman Law Group.

The contract will cover the time period from Jan. 15, 2021 to June 30, 2021, allowing McKinney-Williams to remain the school board’s attorney as the board searches for a replacement.

According to the contract, the board’s attorney is not an employee of the school board but rather an independent contractor. In searching for a replacement, the board could choose to hire an “in-house” attorney, continue to contract with a law firm or come up with a combination of the two.

The board’s attorney is responsible for giving legal advice on issues including contracts, disciplinary action against district employees and students, legislation impacting the district and more.

4 Responses to "School Board Approves Contract with Pittman Law Group to Retain Board Attorney"

  1. No need to complain any longer about usual suspects awarding these shady types of other usual suspects lucrative contracts in exchange for campaign and other contributions.
    Its OK now with PAC’s like the perfectly Hanna HA HA Las Vegas based corporations. Totally legal and totally not traceable.
    The left has won while honest conservatives got fat and lazy.

  2. Strange action by the Board and Supt. The Board had a contract with the Ausley Law Firm for legal services, Not with the attorney assigned to the Board. Did they cancel the contract with Ausley? Will they have to pay Ausley for cancelling? There is more to this issue than is being shared with the public.

  3. Trough feeding courtesy of LCSB. Lack mentality
    produces plantation mentality parasites sucking on taxpayers monies. When the only root source of your income is derived from
    tax payers pockets by shape shifting the narrative to illusions creates opportunities for investigations of the embarrassing kind. Stay tuned!

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