Airport Traffic Down 55% in November

Airport Traffic Down 55% in November

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on air travel. The latest information from the Tallahassee International Airport shows passenger traffic decreased 55.8% in November when compared to traffic one year ago. The number of passengers was down from 75,797 during November 2019 to 33,465 this year.

Last month passenger traffic was 31,683 and October month-over-month traffic was down 59.9%.

The Passenger Traffic Report shows passenger counts decreased for the three major carriers. American was down 46.6%, the Delta Group was down 66.5% and Silver Airways was down 57.0%.

The graph below shows the annualized number of passengers for the last 24-months. The annual rate of passengers at TIA in November was 423,275. Due to the major decline during the last eight months, the annualized rate is 50.7% below the annual rate reported during this month last year. The annualized number of passengers is calculated by summing the previous 12 months of traffic.

The annualized passenger traffic before the Great Recession was approximately 947,000 in 2007.

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  1. I also saw the governor get on the LEO luxury jet the other day, fly to West Palm for a 30 mins speech, and fly back. Or at least the plane did. I saw him get on, but I wasnt there for the return.

    Whats a waste of money.

  2. The road and scenery to the airport is a disgrace and an embarrassment. The rental car kiosks are a joke and the mayor and the airport director and the elected officials need to step up their game and get this city cleaned up and on par with other cities.

    There is trash all over Tallahassee in the roadway and on the side of the road no matter what road you go down.

    And please get Boulos Corporation to get some landscaping on their Apalachee Parkway project.

    This city is poorly managed and citizens deserve better and work too hard to have their tax dollars being poured into special interests rather than improving our quality of life.

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